Animal Book Cover Page Templates

When it comes to animal-themed books, the audience can vary. It may be informative animal books for kids or more advanced subjects targeted at mature audiences. Animal book cover pages are designed accordingly in order to attract the right group of readers.

Discussed here are the main elements of animal book cover pages.

Attractive Artwork

The first element that makes a cover page more eye-catching is the artwork, images, and color schemes. Even the most mature readers are going to be attracted by the images on the cover page before picking up a book.

Once again, the target audience is considered for the appropriate artwork design. Animal books that are written for children consist of more colorful and animated images. The artwork should be appealing to little minds. On the other hand, for a grown-up audience, a more sophisticated art design is included. High-quality wildlife photography is also extremely attractive when used as images on animal book cover pages.

Title of the Book

This is another important element that is included on the cover page of a book. It is the main theme of the book. Through the title, potential readers know what the theme of a book is. Therefore, it should be placed on the cover page in bold and large-sized font. Plus, the placement of the title on the cover page also matters. It is always at the top of the book so that it is visible at a single glance.

Author, Edition, and Other Details

Animal book cover pages do not include unnecessary text. However, some significant details to be included are the name of the author and/or co-authors. Moreover, the edition of the book should also be mentioned to let potential readers know if it is a new update that might be interested in.

Some other textual details may include the name of the publishing company and the date of publishing. This secondary information is presented in a smaller font text since it doesn’t have to be prominent at a single glance. Moreover, keeping the font small for the information avoids overwhelming the cover page with text.

Tagline of the Book

Often, book cover pages contain a tagline that supports the title of the book. A tagline summarizes the theme and contents of the book in a few words. However, these words have a powerful impact and evoke interest in potential readers. In this way, taglines can make it more likely for the target audience to pick a book and purchase it.

Typography and Color Scheme

The typography of animal book cover pages determines the placement of images, text, and other elements. In order to maintain clarity, the typography should be simple and neat. This means you should go for a minimalistic approach that keeps everything readable and understandable for potential readers.

Final Words

It is very important to focus on the design of animal book cover pages. This is because a cover page is the first thing readers notice. They may or may not pick a book based on what they like after seeing the cover page.

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Animal book cover page template

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Animal book cover page template

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Animal book cover page template

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Animal book cover page template

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Animal book cover page template

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