Harvard Referencing Cover Pages

If you need to submit some papers, a thesis, an assignment, etc. your teacher may have given you instructions to follow a certain format for the page layout. This helps to make the document formal and neatly organized. One of these formats is the Harvard Style one.

What is a Harvard Referencing Cover Page?

The Harvard Referencing format is a really specific and organized one. It needs to have a particular title page that should be followed strictly. It is the style that needs to be followed for the page that lists your, papers, professors, university, etc. details.

What to Include in a Harvard Referencing Cover Page?

If you need to create a Harvard Referencing Cover Page you can consider the below points:

Microsoft Word-

The paper may be written in Microsoft Word where this format can be carefully followed.

Title of the paper (IN CAPITAL LETTERS) –

The title of the paper needs to be placed in such a way that it is halfway down your page. It should be written in capital letters as well. Follow this strictly. The title should be right justified. The partial title shows the main idea within the essay between it, moreover, the page number will be exactly five spaces. The header will be a short description of your title. It should be flushed right.

Author’s name (not in capital letters) –

After the title has been written, after three lines down, you need to write the author’s name. This will be in small letters. It is important that you state these three lines down from the title.

Student and professor details

  • Name of the class– Now move four lines down then put the name of your class.
  • Professor’s name– When you have done the above, move one line down then state the name of your professor.
  • Schools name- The next line will have the name of your school.
  • City and state- Go to the next and state the city as well as the state located.
  • Date- The final line will have the date.
  • Text- The text must be Times New Roman or Arial. It should be 12 pt. remember to not make it bold, underlined, and italicized. This is important and should be followed.
  • All information about the author- The cover page of this Harvard Referencing format provides one with all the information that they should know about the concerned author.

Advantages of a Harvard Referencing Cover Page:

The Harvard Referencing Cover Page has the following advantages:

  • It is an organized way to format a paper, thesis, assignment, etc. so that it looks formal and presentable.
  • Helps students and the author to include all the necessary information that is required to be known

If your professor or teacher has told you to follow the Harvard Referencing Style, you should do this carefully. You may need to follow it for the complete paper. The cover page for this style has the above format. It is important that you do not ignore any points and follow them strictly. The font should not be fancy as well.

Harvard Referencing Cover Page

Cover Page Template

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