Assignment Front Page Designs for School Kids

School is a lot of fun but also can be a mess. It cannot be figured out accurately how to integrate both. Hundreds and thousands of teachers ask how to integrate fun activities into productivity and assignments in school. There are many answers to that.

One of the answers is to offer productivity tasks and assignments in fun methods. School assignments can be very boring, exhausting, and least interesting for many students. This boredom and less interest can be treated if you treat those homework tasks or assignments in our prescribed ways.

Yes, it is possible to enjoy your assignment if you do it in different and nontraditional methods. However, the content of the assignment is vast, and we are not talking about that. What we are going to emphasize is, to use different strategies and methods to design your assignments.

According to proven research, more than seventy percent of students in school love designing their assignments more than they enjoy writing content. Moreover, they think that assignments with different designs and untraditionally and artistically ordered are attractive and help them in getting good grades.

The assignment’s Front Page can Play Hell of a Lot!

Yes! The front page of an assignment is crucial and more important than you can think. Every eighty out of a hundred instructors said that they appeal to and are attracted to the assignments with attractive front pages, hence, they give them good grades.

According to a professor at Boston High School, he estimates what grade he would give to a student after looking at the first few pages of an assignment and the front page is significant.

[Templates below]


Assignment front page design for school kids

Page -1


Assignment front page design for school kids

Page -2


Assignment front page design for school kids

Page -3


Assignment front page design for school kids

Page -4


Assignment front page design for school kids

Page -5

Now, let’s see what you add to the front page of an assignment. Following are the essentials that are usually put on the front page of an assignment, but one can do needful changes.

  1. Mention the title of the assignment at the top of the assignment.
  2. Right below the title, mention the subject of the assignment.
  3. After, write the name of the student, his roll number, and the section.
  4. Mention the name of the instructor to whom the assignment shall be submitted.
  5. Mention the purpose of writing the assignment, i.e., for the final examination, for general assessment, or any other course plan.
  6. Mention the date of submission.
  7. Add the name of the school.
  8. Add the logo of the school at the bottom of the page.

There are some other requisites for front page credentials too, but they are considered options. At a lower grade level, it is not necessary to follow any certain set pattern like APA or MLA for the school assignments but at a higher level of grades, follow the format and pattern prescribed by your instructor.

Take care of font style, font size, and bold font. Moreover, use good quality paper with a size of A-4 or any other with similar dimensions. Draw bold border lines on all four boundaries of the page.

We have many assignments with front-page designs for school kids as templates. A student can easily access and use them. 

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