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Teachers want to get papers that are carefully formatted as well as laid out. You need to do this according to the style that your teacher asks you to. This helps arrange your work in a neat way. One of these styles is the Chicago Style.

What is a Chicago Style Cover Page?

A Chicago Style Cover Page is a style guide, particularly for American English. It has been published since 1906 and was by the University of Chicago Press. This style can be used for the cover page of an assignment, thesis, etc.

What to Include in a Chicago Style Cover Page?

If you need to make a Chicago Style Cover Page you can consider the below points:


  • MS Word- Assignments may be made in Microsoft Word where this cover page can be created.
  • Order– in the Chicago Style, the cover page will be the first page. After this will be the body of your paper, appendix (if required), notes as well as a bibliography.
  • Title– You need to center the title of the paper so that it is in the middle of your page. It should be halfway down. It is necessary that you do this carefully.


  • Name– Coming onto the name, this should be centered directly beneath your title.
  • Other details– Other details that you need to include on the cover page are the teacher’s name, course title along with the block, plus the date need to be written in only three lines. This should be centered and at the bottom area of your page.
  • Font- The font to use for the cover page is Times or Times New Roman. It should be in 12 pt font specifically for the title page. It is important to know that you should not make the cover page decorative by employing bold, underline, and creative fonts. Keep this in mind. It is a formal document that should not look childish and fancy however you may be tempted to do this.
  • No page number– The cover page should not have a page number. It will not be counted in the total page count as well.
  • No mistakes– It is necessary that you follow this strictly without making any mistakes as you may be penalized for this. The cover page is the first page and is important so it should give a good impression that you have followed the style properly from the start.

Advantages of the Chicago Style Cover Page:

The advantages of the Chicago Style Cover Page are the following:

  • It is a formal and organized way to organize a paper, thesis, assignment, etc.
  • Is a guide to help students include all necessary information so that all details are added appropriately.

There are different styles that your teacher may ask you to follow, this includes APA, MLA, Chicago Style, etc. It is important that you follow the style that you have been told to carefully. This is because mistakes may lead to giving a bad impression and reducing your grades.

Chicago style cover page

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