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The medical field is an advancing and evolving one, and it is important to know about the latest studies. Research in the field is ever-growing as well. News and opinions coming from the world of medicine can be properly presented in medical journals.

Many medical journals are published across the world. However, only a handful are read and considered. Doctors, scientists, and medical students are the primary audience for these journals, and they will want to consider a professional journal. It is therefore important to make the cover pages of these journals properly.

What is a medical article journal cover page?

This is the first page of the medical journal, which lists basic details, allowing people to know what the journal is concerned with and who complied with it. This cover page must give people a good impression so they will want to continue reading.

What do medical articles’ journal cover pages do?

The journal cover page will let readers know why your work applies to the journal and why people will be interested in reading it. It will let readers know what they can expect from the journal and whether it is one to read.

Medical Articles Journal Cover Page

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Medical Articles Journal Cover Page

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Medical Articles Journal Cover Page

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Medical Articles Journal Cover Page

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Medical Articles Journal Cover Page

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Creating a medical article and journal cover page

If you want the medical articles journal to be considered as a professional one worth reading, keep in mind the following points when making it:


The cover page should state the heading of the article so that readers can know if it will interest them. The heading must be an interesting one.

Details about the author:

The cover page must include details about the author like their name, organization, contact details, etc. Readers need to know whose medical article they are considering.

Details about the article:

After reading the cover page, the reader should want to consider reading the journal. Therefore, make them interested in the article you have written. As said above you need to state its title. Also, include the name of the funder and the date of submission. The name of the institution you are concerned with can be stated as well, if it is applicable.

Professional and precise:

The cover page must look professional so that people will be convinced that the article is worth reading. Choose the font carefully. It needs to be a formal one, like Times New Roman or Arial. The font size must be selected carefully as well.

The size of the heading can be bigger so that it is more prominent. Do not add too much color because this will make the cover page look childish. Only add what is required, as the reader will not have time to read unnecessary details.

With the cover page, you need to be able to quickly convince people that you have composed an interesting medical article that they must read. If you want to include any image, it must be directly connected to the article. It is better to design the cover page minimally, as this will look professional. The font you choose must be easy to read.

Importance of medical articles’ journal cover pages

The cover pages for medical articles are important because this is the first insight your readers get into your work. This is why it is necessary to be concise and only add sufficient details letting the reader know what the medical article is all about.

The cover page is what will briefly let readers know whether the article you have written is one that they are interested in. If the cover page is made carelessly with mistakes and looks unprofessional, readers will think that the study you have carried out is not worth considering. To get people to read your medical article, the cover page matters and encourages them to do this when you make it professionally.

 The cover pages of the journal are what can be browsed through by readers, making them decide whether to get the journal or not. Therefore, this page is what will make doctors, scientists, etc. know whether the journal applies to their field.

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