Professional Business Report Cover Pages

A cover page is a first and foremost part of a report that you prepare with full passion and hard work. Even if you have spent hours and days preparing a report, the absence of a cover page or the cover page that you have messed up with will ruin the report completely. Therefore, make sure that you have used a cover page that is perfect for the business report. 

What is a professional business report cover page?

A cover page is the first page of a report which is seen when a person holds your report in hand or opens it digitally on his device. Therefore, you need to work a lot on the report. A business cover page is different from an academic cover page because when you are making a cover page to be used in a professional setting, you are doing it for point scoring. Rather, you want to increase the readability and boost the interest of the reader in the report. 

What is the purpose of using the cover page for a business report?

There are many reasons why people like to use the cover page. One of the primary reasons is to get the attention of the reader who has been reluctant to read the report. The reports are generally very long and therefore, the person who has to read the report first reads the cover page to get introductory details of the report and then delves into reading.

Although the cover page designed for a business report does not help in point scoring, it plays a big role in casting an impression on the mind of the reader. Therefore, if you have designed an attractive cover page, you are likely to get your report read by the targeted person and approved. 

What to include on the cover page of a professional report?

If you want to design a cover page that stands out, you should know about the content to be added to it. Here are some ideas regarding what to add to the cover page:

Title of the cover page:

The first thing that people look for when they read the cover is the title of the report. If they don’t find the title, they will not take interest in the cover no matter how beautifully it has been designed. So, on the topmost point, mention the title and subtitle (if any) on the cover page. 

Name of the author:

Every report has an author who is responsible for every claim that he makes in the report. Therefore, right after the title, mention the name of the author who has written the report. 

Date of report submission:

Some details become part of an organization’s history such as the date on which you submit the report. In some cases, you have a deadline to submit the report. So, when you are meeting the deadline, you should let the reader know that you are not late by mentioning the report. 

Company details:

Business reports are generally written on behalf of a company and when the reader reads the report, he keeps that company and its prospects in his mind. Therefore, never forget to mention the name and logo of the company you are representing through the cover page. 

Some key design tips

Design is not the most important part but an essential part. Below are some design tips:

Work on the hierarchy of the content:

Hierarchy is a very important aspect as every element of a cover page has a specific position. For example, you cannot mention the title of the report at the end and the name of the author at the topmost point because this is not the right hierarchy. 

Choose the right color scheme:

Many people don’t like black and white cover pages and they want to see colors on the cover page. The color scheme should be chosen carefully since it is a report that you are making on behalf of a business or using in a professional environment. Make sure that you maintain decency when you design the cover. 

Choose attractive visuals:

If you want to add images to the cover, try to add such images that are captivating and attention-seeking because they will impact the way your report is read and dealt with. 


Business report cover page

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Business report cover page

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Business report cover page

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Business report cover page

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Business report cover page

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