Madeline Book Cover Page Templates

The cover page of a book is one of the most important indications about the book. A cover page is significant for several reasons and one of them is the representation of the book.

A Madeline book cover page is the indication and the representation of the book published by the Madeline media franchise. They publish children’s literature (specifically, books) penned down by Ludwig Bemelmans. One page (cover page) is crucial for being at the forefront and indicating part. It indicates and signifies the following elements of a book:

1. Genre

A cover page expresses a lot for the reading minds and the first thing it tells is the genre of the book. There are multiple genres in which children’s literature has been written, for example, folktales and fantasies. The children’s books are mostly lighter in tone, so are the cover pages. Madeline’s cover page tells the genre of the book of the Madeline series. Any dark genre has a different expression, and a light genre has another. Thus, any genre is expressed by the cover page primarily.

2. Plot

A cover page does not reveal much about the plot, however, tidbits of the plot can be viewed and understood from the cover page. For example, a cover page with Eiffel Tower can be thought to be a book with its significant setting in Paris, France. Similarly, a portrayal of Santa Claus on the cover page can reveal that the plot has some elements correlated with Christmas eve. Thus, the nature of the plot can be anticipated from the cover page of the book.

3. Authorial Details

A Madeline book cover page would also reveal authorial details. Sometimes, an author has been credited with ‘New York times best seller’ and this tag has been mentioned at the top or bottom of the book cover page. Thus, a reader or a potential buyer can precisely estimate the writer’s prominence and distinction as an author.

4. Title, Subtitle, and Edition of the Book

The cover page has the title of the book and a subtitle that signifies the topic of the book most of the time. Moreover, the edition of the book is also mentioned on the cover page. A more modern tendency is to write an edition inside the cover page and not on the front page. The size of the title must be large enough that can be read from a considerable length.

5. Publishing House

A Madeline cover page of the book would also include the name of the publishing company somewhere at the bottom of the page. It can also include the franchise of the publishing house, for example, FYD, England.

Important things to be avoided

Following things should be avoided on the front page as Madeline deals with the children or Juvenile Literature. Marking off the sensitivity and tender age of the potential reader, the cover page must not include any controversial image, word, or sign. The cover page should reflect the age group of the readers and should be bright, colorful, and interesting.

Thus, taking the feasibility, publishers take the templated or readily available book cover pages design to save their time and energy and to also add its meaningfulness in the market.

Sample Templates



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