Title Page Templates for a Project Report

Over the academic years, every student goes through the phases of creative writing in several forms. Some of the creativity is used for making assignments, projects, and reports while the rest of the mind revolves around making an exquisite impression throughout the entire project. This process takes several months and still sometimes the answer is unexpected and cannot be reported.

Report writing is the process of describing all the phenomena and related information in easy language so that it is understood by everyone. The project report includes the simplified version of all the research conducted, materials and equipment used, and the result concluded during the course of the project. It provides every detail in a manner that the entire process can be replicated to provide the same answers.

A title page as the first page…

The title page of a project report is the first page of the document that provides basic details about the report. It is the first page that is looked at by any reader and leaves a long-lasting impression. Based on the presentation of the title page, it is decided by the reader if they want to proceed with the document further or not. Thus, it is crucial to create a worthy title page for a project report.

The title page, also known as the cover page, is designed with utmost care because of its importance for the entire document. Information provided on the title page is given below,

  • Title of the project report
  • Name of project heads/ students
  • Department
  • Year
  • Name of institution
  • Logo of institute
  • Contact information

The above-mentioned may vary from project to project but they usually provide basic details that create an image of the work in the mind of readers.

Design of the title page…

In addition to providing these details, the title page includes a design based on the theme of the project. These designs may include images of objects or equipment used in the project or they may include different shapes and effects for creating a design that is pleasing to the eyes. Some designs use shapes such as squares or circles for incorporating texts in stylized forms whereas these shapes can be used after adding gradient or 3d effects to create a new design.

The Colour scheme of the title page is chosen based on the title of the project. For instance, title pages of science project reports use solid colours and avoid the use of more than 2 colours. For the projects of art and crafts, the use of funky colours is crucial to signify the title of the projects. Additionally, black and white or grey colour themes are prevalent because they exude seriousness and always compliment the title.

Key information…

While creating a title page for a project report, the following points should be considered,

  • Go through the entire project and understand all the terms and equipment used during research.
  • Make 2 titles and select the one that enhances curiosity as a final title.
  • Spell check every text before finalising the title page or the edited document.
  • Do not mention results in the title because it will destroy curiosity and the charm of the whole project will be lost.

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