Work Completion Report Cover Pages

A work completion report is an official document that is submitted to the project manager by his team when all the work assigned to the team has been done and now it is reporting time. Usually, this report is prepared by one person who wants to let the reader know that the project has come to an end. 

What is a work completion report?

In the professional world, there is a proper way following which a project is started and ended. When a project has been brought to an end, the team working on the project reports that all the work has been done and the project is now complete. In this report, the results of the project are shared. Based on this document, several decisions from the stakeholders are taken. One of the primary decisions is to close the project after it has completed its course. 


Work completion report cover pages

Cover page file 2 MB


Work completion report cover pages

Cover page file 2 MB


Work completion report cover page

Cover page file 2 MB


Work completion report cover page

Cover page file 2 MB

What is a work completion report cover page?

A cover page is attached with a report so that people can get to know some introductory details about the report before they read it. It is important to note that a cover page is an important part of a report. Just as you cannot imagine a book without a cover, you will not be able to share a report with anyone if it doesn’t have a cover page with it. 

What does a report cover page include?

The cover page is always designed to introduce the reader to the most basic details of the report that has been prepared at the end of the project. It includes sufficient information about the project and the reader feels that he is ready to read the report.

If you want to present the work you have done in the form of a report with a professional outlook, it would be better for you to design a cover page. It is the first page that anyone is going to see when you present them with the report. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for a person to impress another person with an attractive cover page. 

Typically, a work completion cover page includes the details such as the name of the report, the name of the author, details of the project team, details of the company that has completed the project, and the date on which it is being submitted. The author can also add the details of his choice but it is very important to ensure that the report does not lose its professional look. 

How important is it to format the report cover page correctly?

Cover pages are considered significant for any type of report whether you are using it for a report designed for submission in an academic or professional work setting. Considering the importance it holds, it is very important that you correctly format the cover page. In general, there is a specific format of the cover page that is followed in a company. You need to get your hands on that format and then you start working. Some companies also provide a template that people can follow and do the work needed to be done. 

Main elements of the cover page used for work completion reports?

The main components of the project cover page are:

  1. Title of the report 
  2. Date of submission of the report 
  3. Name of the company with which the report is affiliated 
  4. Name of the project manager 

You can add more details of the report to the cover page also but you mustn’t clutter the cover page with the details. The covers are generally designed keeping minimalism in mind. If you add fewer details, your cover page will look beautiful and professional in the same way it would have looked professional if you had added more details to it. 

Use the template

If the company you are working for does not have any pre-defined format or a template, you can get a template from online resources. The template will help you as you will add relevant details to the specific points and your cover page will be designed in no time.

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