Academic Calendar Cover Pages

A calendar is generally used for scheduling purposes. Those who value their time and want everything in their life to be organized according to the dates mentioned in the calendar. Different types of calendars are formed according to how a person or an organization wants to organize its activities.

The calendar that is used by educational institutes is known as the academic calendar. It outlines all the academic activities that a school or college has scheduled to take place in one academic year. The purpose of having this academic calendar is to keep everyone on one page. 

Cover pages of the academic calendar:

The topmost page of the calendar is the vertical shape and the first page in the horizontal calendar is known as its cover page. Just like the cover page of any magazine or document, this cover page also represents the entire calendar. It is an essential part of a calendar because the calendar looks weird without a cover page. 


Academic calendar cover page

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Academic calendar cover page

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Academic calendar cover page

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Academic calendar cover page

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Academic calendar cover page

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Why is it necessary to create a cover page?

The cover page of any document is never mandatory. But, our eyes are so accustomed to seeing different cover pages that we don’t accept a document without a cover. So, even if you don’t want to have one, you will be required to work on it. 

An academic calendar cover page is a necessary document that is helpful for academia to form an impression on the minds of people. People change their outlook on the school when they see the cover page. Therefore, an educational institute needs to have a cover page to cast an impression on the mind of the reader. 

The calendar’s cover page also gives information about it that is not possible to mention in the calendar. There are so many purposes for having a cover. 

What information is outlined on the cover?

Every academic calendar includes the following common details:

Name of the institute:

A calendar belongs to the only institute. Different branches and campuses of a single institute can share one calendar but two different educational academic institutes will never use one calendar. So, having distinction is a must. To ensure distinction, the name of the institute to which the calendar belongs is mentioned on the cover page. Along with the name, the logo of the institute should also be specified. 

Title of the calendar:

There are different types of calendars and since your calendar is an academic calendar that outlines all the educational activities of an institute, you must mention the title so that people find it easy to know the purpose of the calendar and what it is focused on. 

Contact details:

A calendar also outlines the basic details of the institute because some schools also share it with different stationary shops where it acts like a promotional entity. Mentioning contact details lets people know where to contact the school or college. This section generally mentions the phone number, email address, website link of the school, and much more. 

Details of the academic session:

Every calendar has different sessions to follow as the academic year of schools doesn’t always start in January and end in December. Some academic years start in the middle and also end at some odd dates. So, mentioning the starting and ending dates of the year along with the year number is essential to mention on the cover page.

Is it easy to make a cover?

Making a cover is a piece of cake. All you need to do is choose a particular theme and the design and blend both of them in the design. People feel pressure when they have to create a cover because they don’t know anything about designing the cover.

However, if they have a look at the pre-designed covers, they will come to know that a winning cover can be created easily only by looking through the design and theme the institute would like to follow. 

People can use pre-designed covers and then edit them, using different tools to come up with a unique page. They can also bring changes to the content to adapt the already existing cover to meet the requirements of their calendar. 

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