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Creating cover pages is the last thing in the process of publishing a book. A cover page has indispensable importance in the publishing of a book. The cover page can be divided into three parts i.e. front cover page, back cover page, and a spine cover.

The cover page is important for having basic and essential information of the book like the name of the author, title and subtitle of the book, imagery and illustration displaying the genre of the book, and a summary. Hence, cover pages are designed carefully that can capture vast readership and captivate the buyer’s attention.

Candy House Book Cover Page:

The Candy House relates to the genre of children’s literature and can be called fantasy fiction. Most of the literature around the globe is creative, imaginative, and based on the power of creativity but fantasy fiction is the genre that has all of these elements blended with unrealistic events, imaginative settings, and plots with magic and unreal plot with a lesson. Fantasy fiction of children’s literature is written with the capacity of creating a moral ending.

Thus, the Candy House cover page must reflect all of these aspects in its display. This kind of reflection can be made through images, illustrations, and other designated styles.

Following constituents can make a good front cover page for the Candy House:

  1. Title: Title has to be written in a strong and sharp font with a distinguishable color scheme while blended with the other elements of the cover page in a refined form.
  2. Author’s Name: Another important thing on the cover page has to be the name of the author. The name of the author can be mentioned above the title or below the title. Some opt to write the author’s name at the bottom of the front cover page. Hence, the author’s name can be mentioned anywhere on the front page in free or bound style.
  3. Critical Endorsements: A fresh trend has been seen in the cover page designing which is publishing critical endorsements by famous authors, magazines, or newspapers to display an established point of view about the book. It is done to market the book in positive cases.
  4. Images or Illustrations: The Candy House book should have a certain image(s) to establish certain aspects of the written genre and thus, to capture the reader’s attention

The following points make up the back cover page of the book:

  1. Brief Summary: The back cover should have a brief summary of the book in a few sentences. The summary should be written in a way that captures the reader’s interest.
  2. Barcode and Edition: The back cover should have a barcode for scanning and edition of the book. In some books, the edition of the book is replaced by the price of the book. In that case, the edition of the book is mentioned inside the book.
  3. Author’s Introduction: Sometimes, a summary is replaced by the author’s introduction or the remarks by the author.

The Candy House Cover Page Templates:

Candy House cover page templates are available here and can be downloaded and designed with customization. Following is the link with which one can get the desired template of the cover page.


Candy house cover page template

[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 7MB]


Candy house cover page template

[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 5MB]


Candy house cover page template

[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 3MB]


Candy house cover page template

[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 6MB]


Candy house cover page template

[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 5MB]

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