Animal Boat Design Cover Pages

The cover pages belonging to the children’s literature book are taken into the consideration here. The cover page should be designed to mirror and project the storyline on the covering. An author keeps a thematic line in the content of the book or there can be one or more than one basic or main theme of the book. That theme is always projected on the cover page through the choice of design, color coding, and other techniques.

A cover page keeps a vital significance in promoting or demoting a book. A book with a muddling cover page confuses the reader/buyer and it creates no attraction for the buyer. The buyer always looks at the cover page at first and then takes his eyes to the title and other things.

According to Reader’s Mind Psychology, a reader looks at the cover page first and judges the content of the book in the back of his mind.

Therefore, a cover page must complement the authorial intention; that is the intention of the writer must be projected on the cover page. Other than authorial intention, the imagery used in the book’s content should be printed on the cover page of the book.

A cover page with no indications always discredits the book’s market value and has reduced attraction for the reader. Especially, cover pages of children’s literature have to be designed wisely and carefully as the reader belongs to a tender age.

Things to Add to a Cover Page:

Following things should be added to the cover pages of the Animal Boat:

  1.  Author’s Name
  2.  A phrase or sentence from famous reviews
  3.  Sub-title of the book
  4.  Use of images
  5.  Images of animals, boats, lakes, and other similar images
  6.  Use of sharp colors
  7. Date/Edition
  8. Publishers

Things to be Avoided:

As it belongs to the children, therefore, any use of controversial images, political satirical imagery, and any kind of racist remarks must be avoided. As it is said that the kids’ minds are like sponges and they absorb a lot from the symbols, thus, the use of a lighter theme is encouraged.

Design of the Animal Boat Cover Page:

Animal Boat cover page design should be according to its very genre. As the genre can be assessed as juvenile fantasy or kids’ fiction, it must illustrate and give a pictorial representation of the theme and storyline of the book.

It must be designed carefully that is exempting any complicated theme or imagery from the cover page. It must include easy-to-understand illustrations and wording.

Easy and simple illustrations and wording do not mean to undermine the importance of the book but to avoid the use of literary figures and embellished tools of writing and illustrating.

Animal Boat Cover Page Templates:

There are several templates/samples available online. One can easily access them, choose the design of one’s likeness, and can use them after doing little customizations. Using animal boat cover page templates expands the limits of choice while giving many new ideas.

Sample Templates


Animal boat design cover page

[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 5MB]


Animal boat design cover page

[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 5MB]


Animal boat design cover page

[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 4MB]


Animal boat design cover page

[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 3MB]


Animal boat design cover page

[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 5MB]

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