Magic Land Book Cover Pages

Magic Land is a book written by Cheri Anthony. Anthony has written the book while blending reality with fantasy. The story includes magic, fantastic elements, unreal symbols, and magical realism. The story, as clear from the title of the book, is a story based on magic.

The title of the book always tells a lot about the content of the book. A cover page goes hand in hand with the book’s title. A book that is repleted with the themes of dark satire, crime scenes, or thrilling elements always has dark cover pages that can complement their titles. A book is, most of the time, judged by its cover, therefore, a cover should always be chosen wisely and carefully.

Cover Page of Magic Land:

To understand a book’s nature and genre, the cover page keeps a significant position in the eyes of the reader and buyer. For example, a person who wants to buy and read a book from serious fiction or adult fiction would look at the titles and cover pages of the book. A cover page is the first thing observed by the reader/buyer. Similarly, a book from children’s literature should have a homogenous cover page. 

Like the book, Magic Land deals with the themes of magic and reality. Therefore, the cover must be done according to the thematic vision of the book. Magic land is a story about two girls who promise to stay together but tragedy hits them when the one goes into a coma after being injured. In her coma, she experiences various superpowers and magic. So, the story can be seen as a blend of reality and magic.

What should be included on the cover page?

The cover page of the Magic Land must depict its realistic setting with magical fantasy on it. The cover page must show the two young girls as friends. There must be a set of magical symbols on the cover page like a magical light and the use of magical tools. As the storyline includes realistic settings, therefore, the setting must be realistic i.e. a grassland or meadows showing a distant forest. This must be akin to the setting given in the book by Anthony.

Things not to Add in Magic Land Cover Page

Following things must not be included in the cover pages of the Magic Land.

  • Controversial Elements

Controversial elements must be avoided as the genre of the book is fantasy and it correlates with the children’s literature in various forms.

  • Use of Excessive Imagery

Excessive use of imagery can muddle the meaning of the cover page of the book. The imagery used to design the cover page must be harmonious with the storyline.

  • Confusing Magical Fantasy with Horror or Gothic Literature:

Magical fantasy is a genre that is fantastic by the use of magic. But it must not be confused with the elements of Gothic literature or horror fiction.

Magic Land Cover Page Templates:

Various templates or samples of the cover page of the book Magic Land are provided online. These templates can be used to design a cover page of the book or it can give an idea for the designing of the cover pages of other similar books.

Sample Templates


Magic land book cover page

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Magic land book cover page

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Magic land book cover page

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Magic land book cover page

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Magic land book cover page

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