Primary School Artbook Cover pages

Schools are the places where pebbles are polished to become priceless stones. It is the primary education centre for all children that help them in clearing their views about every day-to-day matter and also guides them in the right direction. Before entering school, the minds of children are raw and full of ideas, they are unaware of how to manifest their energy towards something positive thus, they look forward to their teachers in every regard.

Every school follows a full-fledged plan of academic schedule for every child. These academic activities are planned beforehand and help a child in gaining knowledge of the world through books on diverse topics. In addition to the focus on academics, schools also pay heed to the extracurricular activities of every child because a sound mind requires a sound and healthy body.

These non-academic activities may include art and craft or games and puzzles thus sharpening both mind and body along with harmless fun and joy.

Art and craft activities in school…

Following art and craft, every school hire professional teachers and designs a schedule to help children in exploring their creative side. Art curricula include art books for children. All these books are colourful and full of various activities to keep children occupied and assist their creative side to come out. Art does not have any boundaries, so it is mostly loved by children because they have the freedom to be creative.

The cover page or title page is the first page of any book or document that provides basic inflation about the contents of its document. Cover pages are not used for sharing too much information but relatively cover titles and authors’ information.

Variation of colors in art book cover pages…

Contents of the cover page may vary from one document to another because it is dependent on many factors. Cover pages of school art books are full of vibrant colours to keep a child engaged and allow them to be creative.

Contents of the school art book are provided below,

  • Title of the book
  • Grade
  • Name of author/ artist
  • Name of primary school
  • Contact details of primary school

Contents of art book cover pages also change from grade to grade thus, helping children with related books.

Focus on the design…

For an art book cover page, the major focus is on the designs rather than text because most children cannot understand text, but they are aware of different items used to create designs.

These designs differ from grade to grade i.e., lower grade art books have designs made up of different fonts of alphabets because children can differentiate between letters whereas art books of higher grades have images or digital designs that they can resonate with.

There are certain tips that should be followed while designing cover pages of school art books, some of these are mentioned below,

  • Do not put too many things to make it more attractive rather use fewer things but change their style.
  • Use vibrant colours for attracting children.
  • Mention activities on the cover page thus, helping users to know about all the contents.

Sample Cover Page Templates


Primary school artbook cover page

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Primary school artbook cover page

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Primary school artbook cover page

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Primary school artbook cover page

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Primary school artbook cover page

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