Zoo Storybook Cover Pages

What is the zoo story cover page?

Many kids buy storybooks of zoos because they have love and empathy in their hearts for zoo animals. A cover page is always considered to be vital especially when it is designed for kids. Kids usually like to read books that have an attractive cover page full of vibrant colors and animated pictures. Additionally, they always try to find a book that has such a unique cover to capture their mind. So, when you want to instill the desire in kids to read the book, make the cover page extremely attractive.

Importance of the zoo story cover page:

A book is always judged by its cover whether it is written for kids or adults. However, kids need more enticing covers of the storybook they want to read because it takes them into the world of imagination where they see and feel everything. They start living in the world of fantasy after reading storybooks. What compels them to read the storybook is the cover page.

The cover page is the very first page that a kid encounters when he holds a book in his hand. Therefore, it should be attractive enough to capture the attention of the kid.

Benefits of the zoo story front page:

A cover page comes with lots of benefits and this is the reason, there is no book in the book that does not have any cover page. Books designed for kids are given more attention when it comes to cover pages. They also bring about lots of benefits. Let us discuss a few of them:

They are useful for developing reading habits:

Some people get really worried when they see their child sitting on the phone all the time. They know how healthy it is to have a reading habit and therefore, they keep looking for ways in which, they can instill the reading habit in their child because the cover page attracts kids towards the book.

They increase the sales of the book:

Sellers who want to increase the sales of the books know that they need to create such kind of cover page that can compel kids to read the book. Therefore, when they manage to use attractive animations and text on the cover page, they successfully fulfill their purpose.

They make an impression:

If parents are buying books for their kids and they are looking for a publisher with the best content, it is the best time for you to come up with an eye-catching cover page that can make your best impression on the reader.

Information to be displayed on the title page:

The title page of a book is often known as the cover page. Since this page contains the title, it is the most important page of the book. The information that you should display via the title page includes:

Title of the book:

Many people just add the title of the storybook in the center of the page and then leave the rest of the page blank. They make use of attractive colors and font styles to attract readers. However, adding the title to the first page of the zoo storybook is not sufficient.

Details of the publisher:

It is completely up to you whether you want to add details of the publisher and publishing date on the cover page or the backside of the book. Usually, a zoo storybook has so much to show, it does not need to show the publishing details on it.


Search for some cartoon animal pics to attract kids. You can also add real images of animals if you like. Adding images needs lots of consideration. For example, images should be fitted to a place where they look best. It requires the person to have a deep insight. Additionally, images should not be scaled too much that they lose their quality or resolution.

Use a different color scheme:

For kids, colors are really attractive and they want to buy everything colorful. So, your storybook title page should also be designed with vibrant-looking pages so that it can gain attention.

Sample Templates


Zoo storybook cover page


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Zoo storybook cover page


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Zoo storybook cover page


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Zoo storybook cover page


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Zoo storybook cover page


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