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People always judge a book by its cover. The cover page of the book creates the impression on the mind of the reader. The cover page lets the reader decide when he should purchase that book or keep looking for a book he is in the market for. It is a well-known fact that you cannot attract the reader towards the book if your cover page is not attractive enough.

Kids love cartoon books. All of them have some favorite cartoon characters that they love to see in the book they are reading. Your cover page of the cartoon book should be such that it can develop the interest of the kids in the book, and they feel a strong urge to read it. A cover page of the book has a unique impression to make. However, it is your job to determine that how you can get it done.

Designing the cover page for the cartoon book needs you to use different illustrations. These illustrations help a person gain the interest of the kids in the book and this is the main objective of using the cover page for a cartoon book.

Tips to follow while creating a cover page for a cartoon book:

Make a plan:

Whenever you need to do anything significant, you plan. Similarly, creating the cover page also requires you to strategize everything. Just as the architect makes a blueprint of the structure, you should also make a blueprint that will give you a direction to move in. The plan will tell you that how you can add different elements to the cover page and where. You can consult various pre-existing covers to get help in making plans. Templates are also the best source to help you in this regard. 

Compose the cover page:

The composition of the cover page enables the person to decide in which direction the elements of the cover page should sit, what should be the size of each element, and much more. This composition is a major factor that makes the reader decide whether the book on display is worth the purchase or not.

Use Z-layout:

The cover page of the cartoon book looks good if the elements on the cover page are placed in Z-layout. A cover page of the cartoon book usually contains multiple elements. Deciding how these elements should be illustrated becomes a big challenge. The content of the cover page should be placed in such a way that the reader can comfortably move his eyes around to read everything.

Use typography wisely:

To find out which kind of font is going to work for your cover page that you want to aesthetically appealing, you will have to conduct various experiments of comparing and checking. It is recommended to all novice designers to not use more than two typefaces. It is also recommended not to mix too many bold or underlined letters together because they will ruin the overall look of the cover page.

While creating the cover page of the cartoon book, try to use the font as less possible. You can make it attractive by adding pictures of cartoons on the cover page to make it attractive. Try to add one big picture of a cartoon character instead of overcrowding the cover page with cartoon illustrations.

Use a colour contrast prudently:

Kids are attracted by colorful things. So, when you are targeting kids by designing the cover page of the book they read, you should use vibrant colors. There should be a combination of vibrant and subtle colors that will enhance the beauty of the cover page. Using the same color or all bright and sharp colors on the cover page is not a good idea.

Using the template:

A template is the best tool to be used when you don’t want to spend your time thinking as to how you can create an eye-catching cover. Every author wants to design a cover that can make a huge impact on the reader. He tries to cast the best impression on the reader with the help of the content he exhibits via the cover.

Children book cover page


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