Fantasy Fiction Cover Pages

For all the fiction book lovers out there, a book cover page plays a vital role in making them decide as to which book they should read. As a matter of fact, fiction book readers are in the market for finding the book that can quench their thirst for reading, they judge every book by its cover. This is the reason; different authors of the books focus on the cover page.

We all know that the book cover which has been made with a compelling design can attract current and new readers. In the same way, if the cover page is boring or contains dull content, it will not let the people decide to buy that book.

People who love to read sci-fi books usually have a different world of imagination. They imagine certain things when they see a cover page and then based on that image, they decided whether to purchase that book or not. Therefore, you need to be careful while designing the cover page.

What is a fantasy fiction cover page?

The cover page that covers the fiction content is known as the fantasy fiction cover page. The fantasy world has its charm and it has nothing to do with real-world objects. So, when you create such kind of cover page, you need to be sure that your cover page is engaging.

Tips for creating the fantasy fiction cover page:

To design the cover page on your own, you can follow the tips given below:

The title should be attractive:

One of the main reasons why cover pages are created is because there is a need to have a page in which we can portray the title of the book. Books that have fiction and science-related content need to have a cover page with a related title.

The title should be such that it can cast an impression on the mind of the viewer. The title should also be in the position to compel the reader to give this particular book a read.

Decide the layout:

The layout decides that in which format you want to portray the content of the cover page. The layout also specifies the position of each part of the cover page. When you decide on the layout, you can easily give a particular shape to your cover page.

Use the perspective of one-point:

One point perspective is a drawing skill in which we choose one point and then whatever we draw on the cover page is kept at a particular distance from that one point. This will enable you to design the cover page with content that is equally spaced and has a particular sequence to portray.

A cover page in which the content is aligned and put in the sequence is given more attention by the reader because each item redirects him to the next item displayed on the cover page.

Make coordination between image and the background:

Adding image on the cover page seems to be very easy. You can think of adding any image related to science and fiction and your job is done. However, this is not the case. You need to be sure that whichever image you add to the cover page goes well with the background color.

The best to make the image look good on the background is to merge the image and the background. This will make your image look highly relevant with the background.

Use images to create the impact:

The basic objective behind using the cover page is to create an impact. Therefore, if you are not able to create the impact, it means that you are not doing it right. So, you can create an impact if you are able to add the images that are most suitable for the fantasy fiction cover page.

When you add images, make sure that you have taken care of the dimensions of the cover page and the resolution of the image. This will ensure that the cover page is of high quality and you have not made any compromise on the overall quality.


Fantasy fiction cover page


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Fantasy fiction cover page


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Fantasy fiction cover page


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