Basketball Player Cover Page Templates

The basketball player cover pages are, usually, the front pages of a magazine, newsletter, basketball journal, or any sort of publication, that is focused on the news, and information related to basketball or basketball players. Sometimes, a publication may not entirely revolve around basketball, but due to some headlines or game season, it is highlighting the news of the game, and hence, is using the cover page, that has a basketball player or the news on it.

What are benefits of using basketball cover pages?

There are various benefits of using the basketball player cover pages:

  • It is like an introduction to the main body of the publication’s content. A cover page serves the purpose of a precise summary to indicate what a publication contains.
  • It is made attractive and catchy, so that the buyer or a basketball fan would be impelled to make a purchase or read through the publication.
  • The highlights or any headline can be portrayed through a cover page.
  • The catchy phrases intrigue the potential readers to get an insight of the news, and hence the publication sales can increase, and the publishers can earn higher profits.

The basketball player cover pages may include varying information and images, as per the main purpose of the inclusion of that, particularly focused cover page as well as the main news. However, generally, such cover pages contain one or more of the following things:

  • Bright, eye-catching, and vibrant colors.
  • Legible and attractive font style and size.
  • Picture/s of famous basketball player/s.
  • Any other basketball related images.
  • Name/s of the players.
  • Name/s of the teams.
  • The main news in a catchy phrase.
  • Information about any specific season.
  • Any important dates or year/s.
  • The scanning codes.
  • Names or logos of the sponsors.
  • Name or logo of the publisher.
  • Other news headlines, if applicable.

Using a template for cover page

When a cover page is being designed, either it can be prepared from the scratch, by the publishing authority, or a readily available design or template can be used, edited, and customized, as per the requirements, and made the cover page of the publication. The latter option is cost and time-friendly and saves a lot of energy. There are many programs and websites, which even offer free editable templates.

A cover page, which is printed in high quality, is attractive and has the right content, can become a reason behind a publication’s purchase and success. Therefore, it should be drafted with great precision and consideration. The selection of the content and picture/s are the two critical aspects, that should be given enough attention.

The cover page should have the right information, and yet should not bombard the reader with extra material. In addition, which news can become a headline, should be clearly chosen as well as how well the news is being presented is also important. If the phrases used to break the news are catchy enough, it would certainly excite the reader to know about the details in the publication.

Sample Templates


Basketball player cover page


[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 11MB]


Basketball player cover page


[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 4MB]


Basketball player cover page


[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 6MB]


Basketball player cover page


[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 10MB]


Basketball player cover page


[For Word: (.docx) File: Personal Use Only] [Size: 7MB]

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