Dinosaur Book for Kids Cover Pages

Dinosaur books for kid cover pages are the title pages of the books, magazines, publications, etc., that focus on the content related to dinosaurs. A cover page is like an introduction to the information stated in the book or the magazine. Being the first page of a book, it not only familiarizes the viewer with the content but also captivates the attention of the reader, so that he will make a purchase.

Being not able to see them in real, dinosaurs and the related facts, have always been a craze for everyone, especially children. The size, strength, unknown facts, and evolutionary information fantasize the explorative minds. Due to this level of interest in this long-extinct animal, publishers often release different books (storybooks, activity books, sticker books, fact books, etc.) and magazines with focused content about dinosaurs.  

The cover page of such books holds great significance, and hence, should be designed with proper consideration and attention. The reasons behind the importance of the cover page include:

  • The cover page reveals the type of content contained in the book, which can aid in choosing the dinosaur lovers.
  • As dinosaurs can be intriguing for both adults and children, and the cover page can reflect the target audience of the book, it would be easy for the book to reach the right audience.
  • The attractive cover page with interesting pictures can entice the viewers to purchase the book, resulting in the sale of large number of copies.
  • Fascinating pictures of the dinosaurs on the cover page often result in children buying the book. Hence, choosing the right illustrators, to illustrate eye-catching pictures, also holds great importance.
  • The details about a specific book, such as the volume number, discounted version, special edition, name of the publisher, etc., can be mentioned on the cover page to inform the buyers.

Considering the above factors, the publishers and authors of the book decide about the information to be displayed on the cover page. Generally, however, the template designed for such cover pages hold the following details:

  • Year of publication.
  • Name and details of the publisher.
  • Name/s of the author.
  • Name/s of the illustrators.
  • Title to indicate the type of the book.
  • Any catchy phrase.
  • Edition number.
  • Version, e.g. discounted, special, etc.
  • Age range or limit.
  • Any additional features, e.g. dinosaur roaring sound, stickers, free colors, etc.
  • Any association with a channel, organization or platform, e.g. National Geographic.
  • Images or pictures.
  • Names of the dinosaurs, if needs to be mentioned.

When the publisher and author/s finalize the design and details of the cover page, they ensure that the impression of the cover page matches with the content of the book. For instance, if a book is a fact book for small children, the cover page should be bright and attractive, but if the book is for adults, and includes facts known through dinosaur remains, the cover page should have more information than vibrant pictures, so that the right audience can be targeted.


Dinosaur book for kids cover page

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Dinosaur book for kids cover page

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Dinosaur book for kids cover page

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Dinosaur book for kids cover page

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Dinosaur book for kids cover page

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