Kids Gardening Journal Cover Pages

What is a kids gardening journal cover page?

Kids gardening journal cover pages are the first or title pages of the journals that are designed for the kids to guide them about as well as inculcate their interest in gardening. These journals are mainly designed to be filled by the children, as they carry out gardening activities and chores. These cover pages hold great importance, as they give the first impression of the journal to the purchasing party, be it a kid, parent, guardian, teacher, or any other relevant person.

A kids gardening journal is like a memoir, that is to be filled and kept by the kids. It is designed in such a way that the kids can record their gardening activities on a regular basis, along with the pictures. From when the seeds are planted to their transition into different stages of growth can be written about and/or shown in the journal.

In addition, the journal often offers gardening tips and tricks for the kids. The aim is to establish the interest in gardening in the children so that they can carry forward this interest to their adult years as well.

Necessary detail to add:

As the journal is mostly empty and needs to be filled by the kids, its cover page becomes even more significant. Hence, the cover pages of such journals should be made attractive and catchy. The cover page is important because:

  • It helps in reaching the right target audience.
  • It provides the main gist about what the journal is about, and what sort of activities can be recorded in it.  
  • It embarks the first impression of the journal on the onlooker. If the attention of the viewer is caught by the cover page, he would most likely make the purchase.
  • It can serve as a selling tool. If it is designed in a pleasing way, with vibrant colors and attractive images targeted at kids, the journal would certainly be sold.
  • If any gardening tips and tricks are provided in the journal, the cover page should mention or indicate that.

Information to add:

The publishers need to critically select the information for the cover page, as it may impact the selling of the journal. Different publishers may choose different images and details to make their journals look distinctive and competitive. Usually, the following details are present on such cover pages:

  • Year of publishing.
  • Title of the Journal.
  • Reference number of the journal.
  • Edition number/special edition/discounted edition, etc.
  • Name of the author/s.
  • Name of the illustrator/s.
  • Name of the publisher.
  • Space for the name of the child.
  • Space for the starting date.
  • Interesting and catchy phrases.
  • Gist of the content.
  • Gardening images to indicate the type of journal.
  • Appropriate age group for the journal.
  • Any attached planners, CDs, etc.

It is not necessary that a journal’s cover page would include all of the above details. The information is selected based on the type of journal’s design. For instance, if a journal does not include any tips or information inside, its cover page would be rather simpler, and vice versa.

Sample Templates


Kids gardening journal cover page

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Kids gardening journal cover page

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Kids gardening journal cover page

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Kids gardening journal cover page

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Kids gardening journal cover page

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