Office Attendance Register Cover Pages

What is an Attendance Register?

An attendance register is a collection of pages or Excel sheets compiled together in the form of a register or book. It is used to keep records of attendance of students, teachers, employees, and all other workers. Attendance registers are in use since a long age ago and they are still in the trend.

The trend of attendance registers has always been fresh as no company or institution wants to lose the record of employees.

What is there in the attendance register of an office?

An attendance register can be hand-made on regular paper or computer sheets. It is used to keep track of regularity and punctuality. All one needs to do is to open the register and look at who entered when and who left earlier.

In an attendance register, the names of the employees are mentioned. They are mentioned in vertical or horizontal order depending on what kind of register you are having. If the names are mentioned in vertical format, then dates/days are mentioned in the landscape mode. This way an employee can mark his attendance according to the date in front of his name. Well, it is simplest of the form.

Thus, attendance registers in offices must have

  • Names of the employees
  • Serial numbers
  • The dates and days mentioned

Attendance Register Cover Pages:

An attendance register cannot be a plethora of pages, not fixed, flying here and there, creating a mess. Registers that are not in the compiled forms are always messy and discouraged by HR experts.

The attendance register deals with the Human Resource department. Some of the HR managers manage the attendance sheets in their folder files, clutch files, or simple plastic files. This is good to put attendance sheets in the files but then, it becomes difficult to keep all the records in a single file.

Why prefer Attendance Registers to Files?

Attendance registers are compiled and have a record for complete sessions and files can be used to keep the attendance sheet for a whole month in a single file, which means one file for each month.

However, files are good to keep the record of monthly attendance and it looks fancy but what about the annual attendance compilation when it is time to reward the most punctual and regular employee? Will you open all twelve files for each month and then decide after four hours of struggle?

Attendance Register Cover Pages; Simple or Fancy?

It is always asked what to add to an attendance register’s cover page. How to design an attendance register’s cover page? How to make it look professional? All these questions pop up in the minds of everyone who is thinking to keep an attendance register.

Attendance register cover pages can be designed simplistically as there is not so much that can be done to design its cover. It is always recommended to keep the cover page simple and professional

Color Scheme of Attendance Register Cover Pages:

The color of the cover page of the attendance register must align with the color scheme used in the other official stuff like letterheads, office walls, and paint of the building. It looks more professional and harmonious if done so.

Do not use sharp and too bright colors for the cover page of attendance registers. Use dull and dark colors that look professional.

What to Add on the Cover Page of an Office Attendance Register:

  • You can simply write
  • name of the company
  • the session, i.e. year of the attendance (e.g. Jan 2019- Dec 2020).


If you want to get more ideas about the attendance register’s cover page, you can visit many websites online that include readily available designs for the cover pages.

Sample Templates


Office attendance register cover page

Cover page size: 3.5MB


Office attendance register cover page

Cover page size: 3.5MB


Office attendance register cover page

Cover page size: 3.5MB


Cover page size: 3.5MB


Office attendance register cover page

Cover page size: 3.5MB