Engineering Report Cover Pages

Engineering work is a bit technical. Engineers put a lot of effort in order to accomplishing the task they are assigned. If they work on a project, it is their responsibility to design an engineering report. In some cases, engineers write the report when they have a problem and a solution to offer.

What is an engineering report?

It is a formal document that is prepared by engineers when they want to capture the attention of the reader. In this report, they not only present the problem but also propose a solution to it. It is not easy to make a report as engineers are required to do a lot of hard work to collect the data, perform analysis, test, and then propose a solution that no one has ever presented.

It is very depressing for an engineer to see his report getting rejected. Some people don’t even read the report and reject it. Therefore, engineers are required to design a cover page that at least convinces the reader to read the report before discarding it.

Report cover pages

It is the first page that people get to see when they get the report in their hands. It covers the report and its content and therefore, people must interact with the cover page before they reach the inside of the report.

Any document that lacks a cover page fails to make an impression on the reader. A person receives multiple reports and he likes to consider the one which he finds to be more appealing and competitive. In other words, a report is judged by its cover. So, if you don’t have a compelling cover, you will fail to prove that your report has something exceptional in it.

The cover page also gives a brief introduction of the engineer and his company, so the reader finds it so easy to know about the person who has submitted the report and he readily reaches the conclusion.

Cover page for an engineering report

Every engineer wants to create a cover page that is complete in terms of details it can showcase. Therefore, they need to know what details are important to be mentioned on the cover page. Following are some common details that should be shown:

Title of the report:

The most important part of the cover page is the title of the report it is covering inside it. You need to be smart to find the right position for the title. The title should be the most prominent information to be seen on the cover page.

Author’s name:

Followed by the title, the name of the author is another important piece of information for the user. Mention it right below the title of the report.

Name of the company:

If you are submitting the report on behalf of the engineering company, mention the name of your company. Also, mention the logo so that the reader can be sure that the report has come after the authorization of the company’s authorities. Usually, this information is mentioned at the very top of the page.

Date of submission:

The date on which the report is being submitted should also be mentioned since it is kept as a record on which date the report was submitted.

Description of the report:

This part is not mandatory to be covered by a cover page. However, if you want to add this section, make sure you do it briefly.

Is it important to have a template?

The template is a great tool to be used for getting a cover page without putting in the extra effort. There is a huge collection of design cover pages people can choose from.

The template has an option of downloading it and editing it so that the engineers who need it can tailor the readymade cover page to their needs. This way, it can be very convenient to focus on the report instead of designing the cover page. You can also get inspiration from a pre-designed cover page.


Engineering report cover page

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Engineering report cover page

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