School Art Project Cover Page Templates

School is the place where pebbles are polished into diamonds to take on the world and perform wonders. It is the first learning place of every child and imparts good qualities of behavior, manners, and skills. Teachers help in choosing a career or a platform to represent oneself and allow children to be confident in their own skin.

School provides various activities to students to keep them busy and allow them to be creative. These projects can be assigned as home tasks, or a period is dedicated to performing such activities. These activities include sports, art, and craft, singing, dancing, and much more. All these activities are a means of boosting confidence and passion among students to perform well. In addition to providing knowledge, these skills assist in minimizing audience fear, tackle difficult situations, and use sense in case of emergency.

School art projects

Arts projects are important in determining the creativity of students and allow them to be stress-free in creating any art. Most of the art projects are based on evaluating the caliber of students in the domain of creativity. These projects may include watercolors, colors, drawings, sketches, and much more. Some art projects are 3D presentations of a monument or any other historic place and signify the interest of children in history. It is also used as a bonding time among students by assigning group activities.

What is a cover page?

A cover page is the title page of any document and highlights important information related to the document. It is used to inform any reader about the content of the document without opening it thus, saves time. Cover pages are designed with utmost care as they are the presentation of the whole document and if it fails to impress the reader then they might not have a look at the document.

Information provided on the cover page is mentioned below,

  • Name of the student
  • Grade at school
  • Name of teacher
  • Title of the project
  • Date of submission
  • Name of school
  • Logo of school
  • Contact information

Things to include in a cover page?

Contents of the cover page are basic and serve the purpose of telling the title and name of the author so that readers are aware of the content of the whole document. Regardless of the type of document, cover pages are almost the same with a few variations based on the difference in the institute.

Art project cover pages

Cover pages of art projects are designed with much caution as art projects are always expected to be colorful and vibrant. In addition to the project itself, cover pages are also analyzed to evaluate the creativity of a student. Some rules must be followed while designing cover pages which include,

  • Do not provide too much information on cover page, keep it to a minimum to increase the curiosity of the reader
  • Use vibrant colours that are in contrast with the project to make it more appealing
  • Do not use funky colours as it put off the mood instantly
  • Use readable font size and style and avoid using stylics
  • If appropriate, also display a picture on cover page which is related to the project to enhance the captivity of the reader

Sample Templates



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