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An academic cover page is needed to be prepared for academic writing. Since it is used for educational purpose, it has to be a bit different from other types of cover pages. Cover page in academics is mainly used to represent a research paper submitted by a student.

This reflects the professional behavior of the student. A student is required to follow the instructions of the institute while creating the academic cover page as different institutes have different rules to follow for academic cover pages.

Different type of cover page has different demands. You should know about the type of cover page you are going to write and its needs and requirements.

For example, while creating an academic cover page, you are needed to choose a format to draft your cover page in. If you are going to write a business cover page, you should not be worried about any format.

Before you start making a cover page, you should try to know which format is followed in the institute you are writing your research paper for. It should be kept in mind that following the rules while writing a cover page in the world of academics is too much important. One cannot ignore the importance of the format in the cover page.

Following the format means the student should write the text in a proper citation, give quotation at the proper place, and mention the references and a lot more. There are three basic formats one of which can be chosen to write the academic cover page.

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APA format:

American psychological association (APA) format is currently being used generally in the social sciences field. The cover page written in APA format includes the header, title of the document, name of the author, name of institute, date of submitting etc. Times New Roman is recommended font style in size 12.

MLA format:

MLA stands for modern language association. MLA format has a lot of importance in the field of humanitarians. Generally, cover pages are not written in MLA format. However, in some institutes, students prepare cover pages in this format if their institute instructs them to do so. A student should ensure that he is following the guidelines in the right way.

CMS format:

CMS format stands for Chicago manual style. Just like MLA, this format is also very commonly used in humanitarian subjects. The CMS format has a lot of significance due to its standalone format. A unique academic cover page can be created easily with the help of CMS format.

A student should always be aware of the format he is asked to write the cover page in. if he does not know how to draft the academic cover page in the desired format professionally, he should get the assistance of any professional person who can guide him to follow the format in a correct manner.

Online templates are also available with a better format. People who face difficulty in following any format can download these templates and can draft the academic cover page with ease.

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