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Everyone needs to prepare a cover page while making a proposal for a project. In some companies, creating a cover page is considered as something very important while some companies regard it as something optional. A title page is a first page that is seen when the interaction with the proposal is made.

It is important to create the title page in a professional way that can easily grab the attention of the reader. A title page should be able to compel the reader to read the entire text of the proposal.


There is no specific information that you can add to the title page. The details to be added to the title page totally depends on what it is representing.

Importance of title page:

Title pages also known as cover pages, are used for a wide range of purposes. Most common uses of title pages are:

  1. Title pages can be used while submitting a business proposal
  2. A professional report is also submitted after creating a professional looking title page
  3. Many white papers, magazines, and e-books also have a title page that clearly represents what has been included in the document

What are the main components of a title page?

A title page should include attractive information compelling enough for the reader to make him go in the depth of the document. The purpose of a title page can be fulfilled only if it is prepared by taking all the important details into consideration. The main details are:

  1. Title of the document
  2. Name of author of the document
  3. Title of author
  4. A picture to be displayed on the title page
  5. The completion date of the document
  6. Publishing date of the book
  7. A short and concise description of the document

Each component of the title page should be well mixed with the design so that it can reflect the content inside it effectively. Many people get a lot of attention of readers due to an attractive cover page.

A cover page should contain useful information as well as a catchy design. Many people who are not aware of the design to be incorporated in the title page lose the attention of readers by not communicating well with them through an appropriate title page. Some people also take the services of designers.

Title page templates:

Anyone who does not have much idea about the title page and its design can download a readymade title page template. This template is very easy to use, and it does not require the user to have plenty of knowledge and expertise in designing and writing title page.

The template is very easy to use. The user is required to choose a design of his choice and edit the details in it.

The best thing about title page template is that they have a professional looking design that will be able to target the maximum number of audiences by giving a design which is likely to attract the maximum people.

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