Book Cover Page Designs

A book cover is an outer covering of a book that serves the purpose of keeping the pages of the book together as well as attracting the reader and creating the first impression. The book cover designs are selected with thoroughness due to the fact that they present an overall picture to the reader with respect to what information a book contains. In addition, as the name serves the purpose of identity for a person, to some extent, the same purpose is served by the book covers.

A lot of publishers and authors often design their own book covers in programs such as Adobe Photoshop. However, many layouts and templates paid as well as unpaid, are also available which are easy to customize. The choice of a book cover design is important for many reasons. Some of which are:

  • It is an identity of a book; a book is represented by it.
  • It gives an impression and idea of what is inside of a book.
  • The tone of the book is often determined by its book cover design as well.
  • It may become an attractive feature of a book for potential readers.
  • It may become a marketing and promotional feature and increase sales of the book.

Therefore, a book cover design holds great significance in the success of a book. When designing a book cover, there are many things that are needed to be considered. Some of which are:

  • It should be professional, formal yet catchy and attractive.
  • No spelling, grammatical and others errors should be present.
  • The fonts should be chosen very carefully as the font style often affects the reader attention to a great extent.
  • The colors and material used should match with the book content. The contrast and combination of attractive colors would also gain the consideration of the potential reader.
  • The choice of images or pictures that are used for designing the book cover should be carefully selected as well. For instance, an image of a book for a book with jokes might not be a good idea as it is not giving the potential reader an idea about the book.
  • In some cases, adding a teaser might catch the attention of whoever glances at the book.
  • It should not be overloaded with images, colors, content, etc.
  • The layout should also be designed based on the type of the book.
  • It needs to be unique and different so no two book covers are mixed in the readers’ minds and the purpose of identity is served.

A dull, unattractive book cover might prove to be a push factor for potential readers while a catchy, vibrant book cover would even catch the attention of people who may not have been interested in the book otherwise. Therefore, the main purpose of a book cover design is to attract the maximum number of readers and potential readers toward the book as well as to sell the maximum number of book copies.

Following are the 5 best designs to choose from for a book cover page.


The first book cover page shown here is colorful, vibrant, and pleasing to eyes, thus attracting the reader at first sight. This book cover can be chosen for light mode, funny or even those books that cover sensitive topics in a lighter tone. The overall feel of the cover page is classy and gentle at the same time. It is divided into two portions, the upper portion mentioning book edition and author name, while the lower portion entails the book title, its brief description as well. This can be a go-to cover page as it is quite appealing to the reader’s eye.

Book Cover Page Design


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The cover page shown here has a decent and serious tone that can be used for course books or autobiographies or any book on the political matter. The combination of dark blue and deep red depicts a formal and sensitive nature of the book. The book title can be written in the center so that the focus of the reader gets directly on the book name. A brief tagline can be written at the top, to give the reader a quick introduction regarding the book. Author name is mentioned at the bottom with his brief introduction.

Book Cover Page Template


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The book cover shown here has a lighter mode covering a lighter subject. The page border enhances the look of the cover page, depicting that it is a well-composed book. The appeal of this cover page is attractive in terms of being simple and elegant. The top portion of the cover page will focus on the book name and its tagline below, while the bottom portion will provide a brief abstract on the topic of the book.

Book Cover Page Sample


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This cover page is decent and attractive, yet having a strong professional appeal to it. This cover page can be used for course books, academic journals, practical journals or even dictionaries. The color combination is unique in terms of the genre of the book it covers. The cover page highlights the name of the book and writer that is visible at first glance. The overall look of the cover page is smart and descriptive as well.

MS Word Book Cover Page Design


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The last cover page here has a distinct look projecting the bold black as the major highlight of the cover page. The enlarged book title in the center is enough to grab the attention of the reader, with an abstract of few lines below. This cover page can be easily chosen by science, or technology, fiction or discovery-related books.

Sample Book Cover Page Design


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