Dissertation Cover Pages

The students of doctoral study are required to complete the dissertation during their studies. The purpose of the dissertation is to enable the doctoral program student to contribute to adding new knowledge and information to their respective field.

The purpose of the dissertation is to come up with the new hypothesis by using the information of other’s research. A dissertation, in particular, is a long document that contains a lot of information in it. It is required to be created with tons of useful information so that the person creating it can prove his thinking abilities and analyzing skills.

What is dissertation cover page?

The cover page of the dissertation document is the first page that is seen by the person who needs to check the dissertation. When the cover if catchy enough for the viewer, he will take more interest in the dissertation since he would be curious about reading the mind of the student submitting the dissertation.

What are the key elements of the dissertation cover page?

While creating the dissertation cover page, one should make sure that there is a proper format to be followed and the cover page has a decent look. The cover page should not be overcrowded with the details.

Although the details to be added to the cover page of every dissertation depends on the topic and other features of the dissertation, there are some details that are common to every cover page of the dissertation. These details are:

  1. The title of the dissertation
  2. The name of the student submitting the dissertation
  3. The type of document (in case of dissertation, ‘’ dissertation’’ will be written
  4. The name of the department and the institute in which the student is enrolled
  5.  The date on which the dissertation is being submitted
  6. Name of the person who will check the dissertation
  7. Signatures of the student

How to format the dissertation cover page?

As it has been told earlier, the dissertation cover page is required to be created in such a way that it can grab the attention of the teacher. For this purpose, the student should be cognizant of the details to be added to the cover page as well as the format of the cover page.

  1. In order to be able to format the cover page like a pro, the first thing you need to do is take all the instructions given by the institute regarding formatting the cover page into consideration. Some institutes define the margin, font size and citation style that is required to be added to the cover page.
  2. Also getting all the details, start adding the elements of the cover page to it. Start with the title of the dissertation and then mention your name as an author of that document.
  3. Mention the name of the department to which you are submitting the dissertation.
  4. Mention the degree program in which you are enrolled and the date on which the dissertation is being submitted.

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