Internship Report Cover Pages

An internship is like a job opportunity, which may be paid or unpaid, that a student, a fresh graduate, or an unemployed person taps on to get exposure to the working environment and learn about real business practices. As this provides a chance for an individual to show his capabilities, it is beneficial not only for the intern, who might get hired after the internship but also for the employer, who may have a potential future employee currently working as an intern.

The internship period is, usually, pre-decided and limited in nature and at the end of this period, the intern has to prepare an internship report that may be submitted to the organization of the internship or the supervisor/university (in the case of enrolled students). Irrespective of the receiver of this report, it holds great significance, as it portrays the exposure and learning of the intern during the internship period.

Likewise, the cover page of this report is equally important as well. An internship report cover page is a title page of the internship report that includes the basic and essential information to provide an idea to the reader about the report content. The significance of a professional, attractive, and well-designed cover page can be understood by its associated benefits, which include:

  • An impressive cover page can serve the purpose of a promotional tool for the intern and marks an image of the intern in the reader’s mind.
  • The reader would know by glancing at the cover page whether he is interested in the report or not, resulting in saved time and effort.
  • The receiver of the report can have an overall understanding of the report’s content and its quality.
  • If the reader is awed by the cover page, he would be interested to go through the whole document.

The intern can prepare the internship report cover page from scratch or he can opt for any template available online or in the programs, such as Microsoft Word. For the latter option, the already developed template can be easily customized as per the requirements of the intern and the receiver of the report.

The variation of the design, fonts, images, details, etc., can occur in different cases. However, the general details included in almost all the internship report cover pages are the following:

  • Report title.
  • Date of submission.
  • Internship time-period.
  • Details of the intern may include name, ID, department, degree, degree time period, etc.
  • Details of the organization of the internship.
  • Details of the intern’s university.
  • Details of the supervisor, if applicable.
  • Images, e.g. University’s logo and/or organization’s logo.
  • A concise summary of the report.

If the organization or university receiving the report has instructed about the report and cover page formatting style as well, e.g. MLA, APA, Chicago, etc., then, that style needs to be followed throughout the report, including the cover page.

A good internship report may attract a good job opportunity and the report cannot gain the interest of the reader until its cover page is attractive and impressive enough.

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