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A handbook is a user manual in which the instructions related to the machine are given. The user consults this book when he wants to learn how he can operate the particular machine. The handbook comes with every machine to help the user understand the operation of the machine. The user comes to know about the basic controls and functions of the machine. It is a well-known fact that people always tend to buy the machine which is easy to use. Even if the machine is not easy to use, people try to learn using it through the user manual. Therefore, the handbook has its own significance.

Why handbook cover page is important?

Just like any other book, the handbook also needs the cover page. Many people pay attention to the design of the handbook cover page in order to determine the efforts of the brand it puts in providing ease to its customer.

It should be kept in mind that the handbook does not only come with the machines. Many colleges and universities also use the student’s handbook in which the student is informed about the policies and rules of the institute in which he is going to take admission.

Every institute issuing the handbook should ensure that the theme of the cover page of the handbook is coherent with the institute’s theme and design.

What information should a cover page of handbook include?

Just like any cover page, this cover page also includes the name of the institute or the company to which the handbook belongs. The title of the handbook should also be specified in the cover page.

The cover page can include the name of the author of the book, date of printing the book, title of the book and whatnot. The reader of the book should be convinced to read the handbook since it will let him know a lot about the company. The reader can be convinced by designing an attractive looking handbook cover page

Tips to create the handbook cover page:

While creating the handbook cover page, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. As it has been told earlier, there are institutes that use the handbook. Since every company uses the handbook, the genre of the handbook may vary from company to company. While creating the handbook cover page, the genre should be taken into consideration so that the cover page can be matched with it.
  2.  There are different software that people use when they try to design the cover page on their own. Some people use MS Word for creating the cover page while some use readymade formats for this purpose. Many people also prefer downloading the template of the handbook cover page that provides a readymade and easy-to-design cover page.
  3. Some people also hire professional cover designer for creating the handbook cover page. There are several points that should be taken into consideration while hiring any professional designer for designing the cover page of the handbook of the company.

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