Employee Handbook Cover Pages

It gets clearer if you look at the title Employee’s Handbook that is what it is. Yes, you guessed it right, an employee handbook is a book that is provided by the employer to the employee. Why is it called a handbook? Because it helps the employee to understand the rules, regulations, and policies of the company or organization.

The employee handbook contains all the information and guidelines that are essential for an employee to know and practice in his conduct. There are various types of employee handbooks available. They serve different purposes; they can be if the guidelines are, or they can be as short as the employer wants to keep them

However, there are a few set standards on the length of an employee handbook that we will discuss later.

Referred as employee book

An employee handbook or sometimes referred to as an employee book includes the following important points inside.

Introduction to the company:

An employee handbook must have a detailed introduction to the book. It should tell the employee when the company was established, and what are the main and core fields or sectors in which the company works. You can also include the number of departments and the number of staff in the introduction to tell the employee the size of the company. Some companies opt for the general introduction of the company telling how the company was founded, who founded the company, and what are the core working areas.

The mission of the Company:

The mission of the company includes strong and inspirational statements that tell the employee what the futuristic goals of the company are and what it wants to achieve. It means to aspire the employee to work hard and contribute his best to achieve this collective goal.

Message by the CEO/Director/Managing Director:

The employee handbook should have a message from the CEO or other executives of the company. It also beefs up employees’ understanding of the company, its objectives, mission, and what is expected.

Important Projects for Acknowledgment must be mentioned in one section of the handbook.

General Guidelines:

There is a section for general guidelines and rules. In this section, all the rules and regulations of the company are concretely mentioned. It also includes the possible penalties and punishments that can result in case of non-compliance.

Company Laws:

This section includes the legal status of the company’s rules and regulations. It includes the possible outcomes and their status in the eye of the law.

Employee Handbook Cover Pages:

Employee handbook cover pages should be professional and have sophisticated designs. It should conform with the design and color theme of the other office appliances. Most important to look to are your letterheads and other official documents. Your employee handbook must be designed according to the other designs of the company.

Simply writing the company’s name in bold letters and giving it the title of ‘employee handbook’ would be enough. If you want to add more to the cover page, you can mention the contents of the employee handbook on the cover page in relatively smaller and thinner fonts.

Many online samples are available for employee handbook cover pages. You can use them or get an expert to design one for your company.



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Employee handbook cover page

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Employee handbook cover page

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