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A thumb rule for any project or task is, if it is marketed fairly it has a bright future and a great prospect for further glory. Marketing any project or work is highlighting it to the users before its launch. It gives that specific work a head-start and without going into detail the consumer knows what to expect from that project.

Marketing is sort of a pre-launch branding of an idea and it goes a long way in establishing an initial repute of that project/idea. This rule applies to every project/work/assignment, whether it is a billion-dollar project, or it is a simple paper or thesis. In the case of a paper or thesis, it is its cover page that gives an image or repute to that assignment. Although it will be non-desirable to miss out on a cover page when submitting any project, it will be naïve to miss out on that especially when submitting a Marketing Project.

Information to be included in a Cover Page

A cover page is the face of any project or assignment. It entails a lot of information and there are numerous methods to formulate a cover page. Many points need to be kept in mind while designing a cover page and filling it with details, few of them are: –

  1. Foremost is the style with which a cover page can be created. If a thesis or a research project is being submitted, university guidelines need to be followed on the cover page as well. Chicago style or APA are generally used, and the cover page needs to be formulated keeping in mind the format.
  2. The spacing for margins is the next step while formulating a cover page. It gives a basic idea as to how much space is left for other details that can be incorporated in a cover page.
  3. A cover page must have the title and subtitle of the project. Without overturning the first few leaves of the assignment, the reader knows what (s)he is about to read in that project.
  4. A cover page can have a design logo or a background theme. A marketing project cover page can have that specific tone and logo which gives the reader a basic idea as to what to expect in that project.
  5. A marketing project cover page needs to include the names of all the writers or contributors on the front page. If possible, the name of the leader can be written at the top of that group as the main author.
  6. The cover page can also include the university’s name and due date of its submission.

Benefits of a Cover Page

A well thought out cover page has a lot of benefits for the reader as well as for the person who is submitting the project. Some of them are: –

  1. The face of the Project: As mentioned earlier, without a worthwhile positive image building, even an up to mark project does not get due recognition. Herein comes the role of a cover page. It is the face of any marketing project. It gives a personalized touch to the whole project and serves as a tool for immediate branding.
  2. Identity of the Project: A well-articulated cover page goes a long way in establishing the identity of the project as well as the author(s) who have formulated the entire assignment.
  3. Makes the Project Unique: A project with a brilliant cover page makes it stand out amongst the rest of the lot. It makes evident the extra effort being put in by the researchers and gets commended in grading or if it’s being shortlisted for selection.
  4. Depicts the Positivity and Efforts of the Author(s): The whole effort of giving something extra simply means that the author(s) have put in extra hard work to produce quality research and a well-articulated cover page. It shows the positivity on behalf of the panel members and speaks highly of their caliber.

Putting in personal time to produce a marketing research project needs to be supported with a quality cover page, if the author(s) desire their project to get due validation. It is a simple yet an effective technique to make any project worth its value.


Marketing project cover page

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Marketing project cover page

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Marketing project cover page

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Marketing project cover page

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Marketing project cover page

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