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An office report is a document devised to communicate information within an organization/company/office. These reports are formal and can be in the form of a letter. These are used to keep all the employees up to date about the functioning and progress of the office workings. Generally, this report serves the purpose of providing information, suggestion or to issue an order.

Writing an official report can be tedious work because it is difficult to keep up to the expectations of the employer. Several tools are used to produce an effective and professional report. One of these tools includes Why-What-How framework. It explains the reason behind writing this report, it’s subject and how does it explain the current situation of the office.

These reports need to be easily understandable and completely organized to make it easy for the readers. Several formats are followed to prepare reports but it surely includes below-mentioned contents

  • Cover Page
  • Title
  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Central Idea
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendation

Designing of cover pages for office report requires deep attention because of its placement in the report. It is the first thing viewed by viewers and creates an impression in the mind of readers. As the first impression lasts longer and creates an impression of the report, therefore its designing holds utmost importance. It should include the following salient features

  • Title
  • Company’s Name
  • Company’s Logo
  • Office Name
  • Parent Department
  • Head of Office Name
  • Designation & Address
  • Name of Presenters
  • Designation/Address of Presenter
  • Office report number
  • Date

Different offices follow different templates for creating their official report but all these reports have above-mentioned contents. All these contents are self-explanatory and make it easy for the viewer to understand the outcome of the report. Report writing is itself difficult as data entered into a report needs to be accurate and explain the current situation. While creating a cover page or writing a report, the following instruction should be followed,

  • The report should be simple as it remains within an office and can be termed as an informal report, it does not need to be fabricated with vocabulary
  • Choose appropriate font size and style so that it is readable for viewers
  • Do not overload the cover with images and text.
  • Make sure to provide a breathing space to the cover
  • Use suitable colors that complement the subject of the report
  • Use bullets to explain the contents or to show lists
  • Use heading and sub-headings to organize the report
  • Avoid making spelling mistakes
  • Avoid making grammar mistakes
  • Use shapes to beautify cover
  • Provide graphs to signify progress
  • Mention functional email addresses and other contacts
  • Provide a comprehensive summary to make it understandable for every reader
  • Proofread the document before submission to ensure its compliance

These cover pages can be designed by office workers themselves along with the report to add weight to their report. This process provides the ease of personalized cover that can be made according to one’s need. It enhances the importance of the report and adds a personal touch. Whereas, various websites provide templates that can be used after buying from the company.

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