Research Report Cover Pages

A research report encompasses the outcomes of scientific research conducted by scientists, and engineers and conveys its results to the targeted audience. These researches can be surveys or any form of qualitative methods or they may focus on currency, geographic area, commodity, or an industry sector.

Generally, the research report covers a vast range of topics but mostly it concentrates on communicating particular information to the marketers for designing new strategies. Research reports hold special attention because they are reliable for providing all details about the research conducted and the procedures undertaken. 

A report has several components for a detailed explanation of its purpose but major components include,

  • Cover Page
  • Certificate/Statement
  • Table of Contents
  • Acknowledgment
  • List of Figures/Tables/Acronyms
  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Materials & Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion

Among all these components, the cover page is of utmost significance due to its placement in the entire report. A good cover page signifies the worth of the document that follows and attracts viewers to give the document a full read. Different layouts of cover pages are presently based on the type of research conducted. But it usually includes the following information

  • Identification of Research Report  
  • Name of Company/Institute/Bank
  • Respective Logo
  • Title of the topic under Discussion
  • Name of Researchers
  • Researcher’s Designation 
  • Name of Department
  • The time duration of the Research

Research reports define the status and consequences of a completed project. Care needs to be taken while devising its cover page as its first impression needs to make a mark on its viewers and indulge themselves in the report.

These reports are viewed and critically analyzed by other researchers who want to collaborate and then decide if they want to proceed with the collaboration, therefore, cover pages are designed very cautiously, and following important rules are taken into consideration,

  • Do not use very bright colors. Choose colors that complement the title of the report
  • Keep the report formal and decent
  • Do not crowd the page with excessive information. Provide a breathing space. Overdone cover pages cast negative impressions on the viewers
  • Try to use graphics instead of text to explain the idea behind the report
  • Use images according to to report title
  • Date, Logo of Company, Title, Researcher’s name, and designation should be correct
  • Avoid spelling mistakes
  • Provide Company/Institute addresses and other contact details for communication purposes by other researchers
  • Choose readable font size and style

There are various templates provided by different websites for cover pages. These templates bypass the effort required to design them. Information of own research is entered into the template and it can be used immediately. Some of these templates are altered by researchers according to their own needs and thus can be personalized.

These templates can be available online for free or can be bought from its website. On the contrary, many researchers design their own cover page along with the report as they can mold it depending on the information they want to present.

Along with its appearance, information on it also requires special attention. A cover page should serve its purpose of being concise, informative, and complete.

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