Sales Report Cover Pages

A sales report of a company gives insights into the details of sales operations, strategy, and analysis, conducted in a time frame and it also assesses the functioning of a sales team. Good companies launch good products but without proper marketing by the team, the product struggles to generate good revenue for the company.

A monthly sales report assists managers to keep track of every step of the sales operation and analyze the success of the sales team. It also indicates areas of improvement for an enhanced business.

A cover page is the main page of any report and holds utmost importance. Generally, the cover page of a sales report contains information about the company, members of the sales team, and its time of production whereas a report tells about the sales conducted and the future of the company. The cover page of a sales report includes the following information,

  • Date
  • Company’s Logo
  • Company’s Name
  • Company’s Address/Fax/Email/Website
  • Title of report
  • Sales report number
  • Names of the company’s presenters
  • Presenters’ job title
  • Presenters’ Contact/Email/Website

The cover page, also known as the title page of a report is the first page viewed by potential clients of a company therefore, much effort is put to make it worth their time. If a cover page is impressive, it might push clients to go through the whole report. On the contrary, clients often don’t go through the report because they are not impressed by its cover page. Cover pages of sales reports need to have the following features

  • A cover page should be formal and complete.
  • It should be properly formatted
  • The date, company name, and logo should be correct.
  • Provide functional contacts and email addresses of company and presenters
  • Avoid spelling mistakes
  • Don’t use bright colors
  • Use pictures that signify the product
  • Use graphs for an indication of the sales report.
  • Use of shapes to beautify the page
  • Do not overcrowd the cover page with excessive information
  • Choose the appropriate font size and style  
  • Provide a comprehensive summary of the product and a brief description of the company’s financial status as it can have an immediate impact on the viewers’ opinion.

The sales team of a company can design its own cover page to enhance the importance of its work and increase its clients’ interest. Otherwise, various templates are available on the internet which can be used easily as MS Word provides a range of templates to choose from. Other websites also provide templates either for free or can be purchased. These templates can be further personalized by adding shapes and figures.

Despite its appearance, a cover page should serve its purpose of being functional, informative, professional, and complete. Messy, informal cover pages do not attract clients and are ignored at first glance.

Therefore, it should be designed with the utmost care as the financial success of a company depends on the investments of its clients and these sales reports are an important tool for converting random viewers into clients.


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