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In a highly competitive corporate world, impressions matter a lot. A cover page is the first page of the report that is visible to the reader as the report comes in his/her hand.

The cover of the report is a critical component of the report. It creates an impression, it improves an impression and a poor business cover page can even destroy a good impression.

A cover page reflects the effort and professionalism put in preparing the report. The cover page includes the title of the report, year and author names (individuals or an organization). It may also include the names or monograms of the sponsors.

It doesn’t matter whether you are presenting the report to your colleague, your supervisor, another department in the same organization, the director, the chairman of the board; ensuring that you have a decent cover page will always work in your favor.

Whether you are a new firm or an old established business, cover pages are equally important as they are part of the report and important in making an impression.

Cover pages are commonly used for reports, academic assignments by students and office use. Whether a report is of two pages or more, a cover page always gives a neat and presentable look.

A business cover page is a cover page used by businesses for their reports. Almost all organizations when making reports for internal and external sharing use business cover pages.

The cover page typically is an indication of what the report is about. It serves many other purposes as well:

  • A business cover page makes it easy to find and store reports particularly if the organization has a library of reports. Imagine a room filled with reports without a cover page; how would you find a report you want?
  • A business cover page looks highly professional
  • A business cover page enables the reader to immediately read the title of the report and comprehend what the report is about.
  • A good cover page gives all the essential information about a report on the first page such as the title, year of publication and the author(s).

So next time, you are making a report, spend ample time on the cover page and make sure the cover page looks professional.

Cover pages can be made easily on Microsoft Word (MS Word). You can easily modify margins and add text, color, monograms, and pictures to your cover page.

If you are a graphic designer, then you must know different software that allows you to create incredible business cover pages. If you find this cumbersome, then we have lots of free templates that you can download for free.

We are offering many business cover page formats and templates. The best thing about these templates is that they are absolutely free and customizable.

So, browse through our formats and templates, simply download in MS Word format and customize for your business. You can edit and add text, logos, and pictures to make the business cover page even better.


As we know that a cover page makes the first and the most needed impression on the reader, so it needs to be promising and impressive enough.  This cover page is exactly what anyone can ask for. Bold, exquisite and balanced, this cover can be used by anyone who wishes to draw full attention to the document and what it contains. Not only does the design, but the material can leave a long-lasting impact on the viewer as well. The main heading or the title of the document is given its due importance and is quite visible on the left side while all the other important details are placed elegantly all over the page.

Business Report Cover Page


Cover page format: MS Word 2007 | 2013
File Size: 206 KB
License: [Only for personal use]




This cover page is best for business-related or professional documents. It does not have the boldness and vibrancy, but elegance and warmth all over. This is mainly because of the colors used here. These warm colors have their own impact on the viewer. The headline on the top and title at the bottom gives this cover page a unique look. Furthermore, the details are smartly adjusted on the right side of the page. Overall, the look of the page is well balanced and it will become the best choice of our professional users without a doubt.

Cover page template


Cover page format: MS Word 2007 | 2013
File Size: 906 KB
License: [Only for personal use]




Our third cover is unique in its own way. Who doesn’t like the deadly and the classic combination of red and black? So, we have taken this amazing combination to a whole new level! This cover page is best suited to the professionals who wish to use it for business documents. It draws some attention towards it but keeps the sophistication intact. The title will be most visible here and will be placed at the top of the page. Any subheading may come under it. Additional details can be written at the left bottom corner and the bottom while the right side is dedicated to the classy image to give a feel to this cover page.

Report cover page template


Cover page format: MS Word 2007 | 2013
File Size: 1006 KB
License: [Only for personal use]




Cool and vibrant are the words that can best describe this page. Such cool shades have always been used to give a different and fresh look to the document. Here, the right top corner is fixed for the headline and subheadings. These headings may include the important points that have been discussed in the following document. A title will cover the middle of the page for maximum attention and related information will be placed around it. So basically, this cover page is rather informative as a lot of text places are involved in this design.

Business report cover page template


Cover page format: MS Word 2007 | 2013
File Size: 1042 KB
License: [Only for personal use]




Texture, text and bright color, this cover page includes everything and this is the most downloaded cover page of all. Heading or the name of the company can be written at the top left corner for a better and engaging view. Title of the cover page will be placed between the colored broad lines. This will enhance the impact and will catch the viewer’s eyes the very same moment. Other important details that the user may wish to communicate on the cover page can be placed at the left bottom side.

Cover page sample for MS Word


Cover page format: MS Word 2007 | 2013
File Size: 5 MB
License: [Only for personal use]



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