Drawing Book Cover Pages

People who love drawing often collect their best drawings in the form of a book. Then, they also require a cover page as a book is incomplete without a cover page. Although it is said that a book should not be judged by its cover, sometimes all you have got is a cover page that tends to form an impression and attract the viewer.

Why is a cover page important?

Every person with a collection of drawings would like to have a cover page that will best describe the book. The cover page, as the name suggests covers the book and portrays the inside of the book.

Not everyone likes to design cover pages because they want to increase the sales of the book. Some people also have a drawing book that they love to see when they want to feel what they created. When they design a cover page, they reflect their innermost feelings and thoughts. So, a cover page is a must for a drawing collection book.

How to design a drawing book cover page?

If you are clueless as to how you should design your cover page, here are a few tips for you:

Give a suitable title:

If you are making a cover page for your personal use, you will not be required to make a title. However, if you still want it, then think about a title that best describes your drawing collection. You can think of the genre of the drawing and then choose the title accordingly. 

Give an artistic touch:

A drawing book is different from a traditional book. Therefore, you don’t need to design the cover page just as you design the cover page of a conventional book. It is normal to go a little off the track and do whatever you want to do. You can portray abstract art also.

Don’t overcrowd it:

Although a cover page is a description of a person’s artwork and its design depends on the personal preference of the person, doing a few things can make your cover page look less attractive.

For instance, adding too many details to it will form clutter on it and then you will feel the need to declutter it. It is better to avoid this situation. However, it is your personal choice. If you are okay with demonstrating everything that comes to your mind, 

Use a readymade cover page:

Some people don’t have time to design drawing cover pages and therefore, they purchase the services of professional graphic designers. Templates are designed to help such people. These templates have a collection of pre-designed cover pages for drawing books.

The user can choose one template which has a design most closely related to his drawings. The user can also personalize this page to see a page representing his collection. This also gives the user a sense of belonging and he feels happy representing his drawing book to others.


Drawing book cover page

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Drawing book cover page

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Drawing book cover page

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Drawing book cover page

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Drawing book cover page

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