School Sports Activities Magazine Cover Pages

Sports activities are the main part of every school and they are considered the most essential activities after different types of academic activities. Sports and games play an essential role in the development and growth of school-going students who are in their growing age. Schools conduct different tournaments and matches to which different enthusiasts are welcome to apply.

Some schools pay a hefty amount for sports tournaments and their coverage for marketing purposes and for letting the world know that they have contributed to developing and training future athletes who are capable of representing their country. Some schools also publish their sports magazine in which they shed light on sports events they organize. 

What is a school sports activities magazine?

It is a monthly or annual journal that is entirely focused on different athletic activities that are being carried out in the school.

The journal gives plenty of information about different types of games, events, schedules of events, appreciation for those who have won events on behalf of the school at national and international levels, and much more. In short, it brings a lot of information for students, their parents, and also those who are planning to take admitted to the school.


School sports activities magazine cover page

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School sports activities magazine cover page

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School sports activities magazine cover page

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School sports activities magazine cover page

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School sports activities magazine cover page

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Does the cover page of the sports magazine of a school matter? 

A cover page is a front page that plays a big role in influencing the minds of other people through the content it exhibits. Some schools pay more attention to the cover than the magazine itself because they know that an aesthetically pleasing cover will serve the purpose. These days, designing a cover that is capable of attracting people is a must since there is fierce competition among different schools and each of them is trying to outperform the other. 

Design ideas for school athletic activities magazine cover:

If you see some of the iconic magazines available in the market, you will notice that they work on their cover. The cover makes a magazine very impactful and also enables it to stand out. Here are some essential design ideas that will help you create a magazine for a school:

Focus on the main image:

The image used on the cover page is representative of the entire journal. Therefore, you should be very careful as to what you choose to display on the cover page as the main image. The main image is not just for making the cover look beautiful but it also represents the content of the journal. You can use an image that can easily trigger the emotions of sports enthusiasts and also choose the taste of the school.

Whenever you think of designing the cover, choose a professional photographer for taking the best and high definition pictures of those students who can be the best illustrative representation of the school’s sports magazine. 

Don’t forget to mention the journal issue date:

There is a section where the date of magazine publication, the name of the publisher, the issue number, and the price of the magazine is mentioned.  This section is usually at the top or the bottom and people usually find it easily when they want to know these details pertaining to the magazine. 

Give a brief description of the inside content:

Every school has its unique way to represent its content on the cover page. Some of them only work on the basic taglines that corresponded to the inside sports-related stories. They mention these taglines at various parts of the cover, usually at the top and at the bottom.

Some schools do not add tag lines and work only on the photography and the description of the entire journal. Some of them also like to describe how a school has focused and worked in the field of sports to help its students step ahead in sports. 

Take care of borders:

A cover page can be made to look more aesthetically pleasing if it contains borders that go well with the overall design. Choose the borders carefully and try to remain consistent even inside the magazine. Make sure that you choose decent-looking borders that do not ruin the overall look of the journal cover.

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