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An attendance register is a perfect tool that keeps a record of the attendance of the students. It is one of the most important teaching resources. Many classroom decisions are based on the attendance of the students. Therefore, teachers need to keep track of the attendance of every student.

In addition, it also tells what you need to do to improve the performance of the student because those students who don’t regularly show up in the classroom are not doing well in their studies.  

Most of our documents have covers and they are used for a variety of purposes. Firstly, they represent the attendance register and secondly, the cover is used to protect the register as it is the outermost cover of the register. The pages of the register remain safe from dust when the register is covered. 

What information is presented on the cover page?

A cover of the student attendance register generally includes the details that are:

  1. Title of the register for easy identification 
  2. Name of the class and section to which the register belongs 
  3. Details of the session attendance which is being recorded 

For some people, decorating a cover page is not important as they take it as a waste of time. However, it is sometimes very important. The decorated cover page makes a register look beautiful. Without a cover, the register looks messy.

Teachers often have to be answerable to HR or the principal of the school for not having a well-decorated cover page. A cover that has sufficient embellishments on it is a sign that the teacher has paid attention to it and that the teacher loves his job. 

Sample Templates


Student attendance register cover page

Cover Page File: 2MB


Student attendance register cover page

Cover Page File: 2MB


Student attendance register cover page

Cover Page File: 4MB


Student attendance register cover page

Cover Page File: 2MB


Student attendance register cover page

Cover Page File: 2MB

What should a cover page look like?

When you want to decorate the cover, you might wonder whether you need a simple cover or a fancy one. Although it depends on the teacher what type of design she likes to see when she holds the register in hand. In some cases, it is the policy of the school and a readymade template that is given to teachers to use to make a cover. If a teacher has a free hand to design the cover of the register, she can decide to make a simple or a fancy cover depending on her personal preferences. 

Creating decorated cover pages

A cover page looks beautiful when it has been decorated. The simple cover page design also looks elegant and compelling. We have some tips for your following which will help you have a well-designed cover. 

Choose a design that is class appropriate:

There are different designs for different classes as the ages of students in each class differ. For instance, the cover page of grade 3 will have different design elements than the cover designed for grade 8. If you are making a cover for an early class, you can use different cartoon pictures to make it look cute and fun. Your register’s cover should always be in accordance with the classroom. 

Give a personal touch:

You can easily find various online designs to incorporate into your school’s student attendance register. Almost every register is recommended to use them as they are very easy to use and also contain perfect designs for the cover. After using any design that you have found on the internet, you can give it a personal touch by modifying it a bit. This way, you will be able to bring innovations and your personal touch will also help you feel accomplished. 

Incorporate a theme:

If you are clueless as to how you should design this cover page, you can add a theme as adding a theme automatically inundates your mind with ideas to decorate the page. It will also show that you showed coherence in the design while decorating the cover.

Choose a sensible color scheme:

The color combination used on the cover page is the primary factor that makes a decorated cover page look awesome. So, you should make a selection of the color scheme very carefully. 

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