Little Bear Book Cover Pages

What are little bear book cover pages?

The little bear book cover page is the title or front page of a little bear book. It is the first page, that a viewer glances at, to find out the type of book, he is looking at. As it is the introductory page of the book, he would know, if he has an interest in the book, or if the book is the one, he wants to select for his children. The cover page reflects the kind of content the book contains. As the little bear books are for children, their cover pages should indicate that, so it would be easy for the children and their parents to choose.

Importance of cover pages

The cover page is one of the most important pages of the book, and hence, need to be designed properly, while considering many factors, such as:

  • A cover page can be used as a marketing tool, and an attractive page can result in sale of million copies.
  • As the book is for the children, the cover page should not be depressing, rather the colors, images, etc., used, should be bright and interesting.
  • The cover page should be one of its kind, to differentiate it from the other books.
  • It should reflect the type of audience the book is targeting at.

The publisher and the author can mutually decide:

  • If they want to get the cover page designed from scratch,
  • Or if they want to edit an available template of the previous book/edition,
  • Or if they want to customize a free readily available template.

Obviously, they will choose the cost-effective option, while maintaining the distinctiveness of the cover page. In addition to the design, the author and the publisher need to decide about the information and pictures, that would be put on the cover page. However, the generic details on the little bear book cover pages are:

  • Title of the book.
  • Subtitle of the book, if any.
  • Author of the book.
  • Name of the illustrator.
  • Background and front images.
  • Slogan, if any.
  • Edition.
  • Name of the publishing company.
  • Credentials, if any.
  • Endorsements, if any.
  • Version type, e.g. discounted version or translated version, etc.

Care to design cover pages for children

As the little bear books are for small children, it is very important to ensure, that there are no controversial images or wording on the cover page as well as inside the book. Some parents are very strict, and if they find even the slightest unacceptable information, they will not buy the book for their children. In addition, the morally incorrect details or pictures would embark a bad impression on the young minds of the children as well. Further, the main image on the cover page should not indicate any sort of discrimination, racism, or sexism.

Therefore, a cover page of the little bear book needs to be designed appropriately, so that the cover page should be attractive and interesting enough, with the right content, pictures, and information.

Sample Templates



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