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Educational institutes require students to submit assignments and projects to get awarded with grades or marks, which reflect in the student’s report card. The projects assigned by the instructors need to be submitted timely and in a presentable way. Few instructors require projects in the form of a presentation while others require in a report form.

The cover page is also known as the title or representative page of the project, which provides the key information of the project’s title, and the information of the person submitting the project and to whom the project is being submitted.

Mathematics projects are the assigned tasks to solve any mathematical problem, which could be an equation, algebraic expression, geometric exercise, or any other question of a similar kind. The projects are assigned by the course instructor and are graded upon submission.

The project needs to have a cover page, to provide information on what the project is about, the entire content of the project needs to come after the cover page. If the project covers all the essentials but is presented with a dull or unattractive cover page, then the project fails to gain attention and is often graded low. Therefore, it is important to design the cover page in a way that serves its purpose.

The cover page of the Mathematics project should include the following essentials:

  • Project title- A project is incomplete without a title, and that title needs to be written on the cover page. There could be multiple projects of the same course, but giving/adding title helps in finding the relevant project or assignment later when it needs to be revised or reviewed before the examination.
  • Course/Subject name- Adding subject name could help in sorting and categorizing the projects.
  • Submitted by- the name of the person submitting the project should be mentioned on the cover page, as it helps the instructor to know who the student is, and the project can be marked for the same student.
  • Submitted to- The faculty room or office often has a bundle of projects, adding the name of the instructor to whom the project is being submitted helps in identifying the relevant instructor and minimizes the probability of the project being misplaced.
  • Submission date- the date is important because the projects need to be submitted timely or else either the marks are deducted, or the project is not accepted. Therefore, to ensure that the project is duly submitted on time, one must mention the date.

Before designing or inserting a cover page before the content of the project, one must go through the project submission guidelines (if any). This would help in finding out the requirements of the cover page.

Few instructors require the students to submit the project using a simple cover page, with added information and with no images. While few instructors provide their own template.

Moreover, the formatting guidelines could also be defined by the instructor, and he/she may ask the students to prepare and submit the project as per the guidelines defined by American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), Harvard, Chicago or any other format.

In case no guidelines are provided then designing a project cover page requires time, and there is a need to carefully design the page to make the project presentable. This could be done by inserting a blank page or cover page in MS Office using the Menu bar.

There are a variety of templates already available in the database of MS Office, which can be customized and edited as per the requirement. Using online resources, which offer freely available templates that can be downloaded and customized as per the requirement and can be then inserted in the project’s documentation.

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