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A portfolio is a representation of an individual’s skills, achievements, capabilities and successful endeavors. A portfolio is not the same as a resume as the former often includes one’s sample work, photographs, paintings, etc., while the latter indicates an individual’s talent and recent accomplishments.

Portfolio cover page is a summarized version of an individual’s portfolio. The cover page serves the purpose of marketing of a person’s abilities and accomplishments. It is mainly used to attract an employer’s attention.

Usually, employers do not have enough time to go through the complete portfolio of a person. Here, the portfolio cover page becomes a savior to both the employer and the individual. The individual can highlight his significant works and abilities and by looking at the cover page, the employer can evaluate whether he wants to select or promote the person.

The portfolio cover page can be designed by the individual for his/her portfolio. However, there are many templates available for this purpose which can easily be customized as per the requirements.

Microsoft office offers numerous portfolio cover page templates that can easily be utilized to make one of those a person’s portfolio’s cover page.

There are many benefits associated with using these templates instead of designing your own from the scratch such as:

  • They save time and energy.
  • The templates can easily be customized.
  • It is easy to insert information.
  • Required details are mentioned so that no important information would be missed out.
  • The professional look would be an attractive feature as well as would fulfill the requirements of the employers.
  • The portfolio cover page is like a marketing tool to promote an individual. The available templates can aid and simplify this process.

However, the choice of a cover page is a critical issue. One cannot simply choose any template to use for his portfolio. Rather, there are few considerations which may include the following:

  • Own requirements.
  • Employer’s requirements if any.
  • The portfolio type and the included information.

Therefore, although portfolio cover page templates have decreased an individual’s efforts they need to be carefully selected.

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