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Importance of cover pages and title pages cannot be overemphasized in today’s world. We apply for different jobs online; we do business meeting and proposals and need cover pages for our research papers and books.

This is an era we can conveniently call as an era where presentation matters. No matter how qualified and talented you are, you cannot get your dream job until and unless you do not succeed in presenting yourself as an educated and qualified candidate. This is only possible if the resume you provide is efficiently created and its cover page is even more carefully designed.

A business contract is made on how efficiently the proposal is presented.  Even the military and security discussions are based on these technology based stuff and their cover pages or title pages if not able to catch the attention of its audience, that idea, that proposal and that person does not stand a second chance.

Business Report Cover Page
Cover page template
Report cover page template
Business report cover page template

What is a cover letter /cover page?

A cover letter or covering page is usually a single page document in any format that is able to describe the whole concept or cause of the application, presentation, book etc.

A cover page may address a company, organization or a person who is targeted for achievement of specific aim.

When is a cover page used?

Cover pages are used in almost every other project in every field which can be counted and listed.

We can short list them as follows

  • For employment/job
  • For internships/observerships
  • Loan applications
  • Mortgage applications
  • Book cover letters
  • magazine covers
  • Business plans and proposals
  • Proposals for security legislation
  • Research papers
  • Report cover pages
  • Advertisements
  • Announcements
  • Social and health Awareness flyers

This list can be extended as much limits as we want.

Cover page sample for MS Word
Report cover page design
Report cover page design template
Report cover page design sample

What should be included in a good cover page?

Main purpose of attaching a cover page to any file is compelling its reader to agree what is inside. This makes sense why a cover page must be designed at the best of its qualities. Although, the format of cover page for each category is quite different but there are definitely some key features of a good cover page that can be listed down for your help.

  • Introduction: This includes personal details like name, address contact and/or designation or the topic or subject of the page.
  • Date: You want to be very clear in each and every detail provided on the cover page. So, date must be mentioned no matter what.
  • Name of author/company/institute: We must who we are addressing. We need to mention name of the employer where we need to seek a job, or a company or organization.  Any institute or place or anything basically we mentions our reader.
  • Main content: Main content of any cover page is written in the form of paragraphs. There is an opening paragraph, a middle paragraph and a closing paragraph. The number may vary according to the requirement. But we must always keep in mind that a cover page must be precise, least twisting of words with a very clear message.
  • Closing: This is again an integral part of the cover page. It needs special attention and complete information.
Report cover page template
Cover page design template
Cover page template for ms word
MS Word cover page templates

How to design a cover page?

  • A cover page can be considered as first impression. We all know first impression is the last impression.
  • To create a compelling cover page, Microsoft word is the real savior. It allows us to create really amazing cover letters without hassle and tension. We can create our cover letters with minimalist approach or make it as fascinating as we want. We will never feel bound or stuck or disappointed.
  • By using the “insert” tab, you can add any picture, clip, shapes or charts to make it more attractive and eye catching.
  • Microsoft word also comes with already designed cover pages which are convenient to use and very professional in nature.
  • You can add and subtract little things here and there and customize a cover page of your own choice.
  • Remember that an attractive cover page is easy to create but the main content of any cover letter or title page must be strong enough to convince what we are trying to show.
Cover page template
Cover page sample
Cover page sample template
Professional Cover Page Template

Some examples of cover pages

Now that we know there are hundreds of ways a cover page can be used, it will be convenient to discuss individual cover pages.

  • Business cover pages

A business cover page may be used to present a business plan within the company or for any business proposal between two companies. Whatever the case is, it should be strong, precise, bold and compelling.

  • Magazine cover pages

They require special attention. Again, the color scheme, pictures used, the text and information have given must be very accurate and very clear presented in very bold style. Fashion magazine cover pages use gaudy styles and present an element of glamour. Anyone can tell from mile that is a fashion magazine cover. A corporate magazine, a literary magazine and cooking magazine use the same strategy. They use relevant pictures and text and mix and match it in a really attractive way.

Advertisements, announcements and flyers follow almost the same route.

  • Academic cover pages

Academic cover pages include cover pages for assignments and research papers. They are mostly designed in a very simple and minimalist yet very effective way. Usually, main title is given most space followed by name of the author and in case of assignments; it definitely includes the name of the person to whom it is being presented. Important thing in case of academic cover pages is that they have to be designed following specific referencing styles. For example, the APA, MLA or CMs styles can be used depending upon the demand. This is one of the pre-requisite of academic cover pages.

Professional Cover Page Template
MS Word Cover Page Template
Cover Page Template
Cover Page Design MS Word
Book Cover Page Design
Book Cover Page Template
Book Cover Page Sample
MS Word Book Cover Page Design
Sample Book Cover Page Design
Editable book title page template
Book title page template
Book cover page template
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Cover page for Biology assignment
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Mathematics Assignment Cover Pages
Math Assignment Cover Page
Cover Page for Mathematics Assignment
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English assignment cover page
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Assignment cover page format

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